Biden Admin Claims Chinese Spy Balloons Were Discovered After Trump Left Office

What is the best way to tell if someone lies? The perp keeps changing his story.

A Biden administration official stated that Chinese spy balloons had briefly crossed the USA at least three times under the Trump administration. The only problem was that it did not include some important information.

We reported previously that almost every intelligence and defense official in the Trump administration has denied any Chinese spy balloon incursions.

The Biden administration was forced once more to change its story. Now, they claim that U.S. intelligence knew about the spy balloons but forgot to inform anyone — even Donald Trump.

Fox News:

On Saturday, a defense official said that Chinese spy balloons had briefly flown over the United States at most three times during Trump’s administration.

Trump and several of his top national security officials and defense officials denied the claim and told Fox News Digital that it “never occurred.”

Fox News Digital was informed by a senior administration official that the “U.S. intelligence, not Biden administration,” says that the “U.S.

Fox News was informed by the official that this information was found after Trump’s administration had left.

Fox News Digital: “They went unnoticed.”

This story is, to put it mildly: a challenge to credulity. It is possible to ask why the Trump administration published the information, claiming that the incident occurred during Trump’s administration. The former president was not made aware of the existence of the spy balloon.

Fox News Digital’s official stated that “Two things could be true simultaneously: this happened, but it wasn’t detected”.

We were able to see the lint on the navel of a gnat’s navel but we couldn’t detect a Chinese spy ball the size of three school buses. How did intelligence agencies discover that the balloons were flying over our territory many years later?

It is important to remember that Joe Biden did nothing wrong. In fact, he is the hero of the story. He defeated the Chinese dragon and rode off along with the pretty girl.

Perhaps the story will be different tomorrow. Keep watching.