Biden Trips Over Himself on Classified Docs and Spy Balloon

Joe Biden has a problem.

He has many problems, but he is honest. One of his biggest and most persistent problems is his inability to accept responsibility for any actions that are his fault. He is congenitally incapable of admitting when he is wrong.

Reporters managed to get a response from him Monday regarding his scandal with classified documents. “Does your mishandling of classified documents”?

“No,” Biden said. Biden then said, “Wait till you get the entire report.” Does he really know what that report will contain? He isn’t even able to explain how he got these classified documents to be scattered around the Senate when senators must view them in SCIFs.

Biden and his associates have tried to cover up the truth to keep the American people from knowing what was happening. Biden didn’t reveal the discovery of documents in November. He also didn’t mention the December find on Jan. 9. Biden didn’t disclose the second November find or that the FBI had searched the Penn Biden Center in November. He and his team are still trying to figure out who ordered the National Archives not to release the statement it had prepared about the matter to be released to the public.

There is a lot to be blamed and almost all of it should fall on him.

He was also asked about the Chinese spy ball and China’s threat to him by reporters. When asked whether he saw anything wrong with his actions, he said that he did not see any.

Biden stated that they concluded it was safe to shoot it over land. “It wasn’t a serious threat. We should wait until it crosses the water.”

Joe, did you know that it entered the U.S. on Jan. 28? He doesn’t seem to be aware of this. According to his team, he was not even informed until January 31. Is this a serious threat to him? What amount of spying and threat from a balloon with explosives is considered a serious threat to him? That’s my opinion and the reason it wasn’t taken down earlier. They didn’t consider it a serious threat until there was a public backlash.

Biden was asked whether the balloon had caused him to alter his State of the Union speech. He replied, “No.” Then, he was asked, “Why would China do such a brazen thing?” He then gave a creepy laugh.

Biden stated, “They’re China’s government.” He was unable to pass the test because they did so many “brazen acts” to put him under pressure. He appears to be clueless.

He seemed to have no idea why they were asking about the TikTok ban.

“Ban TikTok? That’s the answer, but I’m not certain.” Biden responded, “I know it’s not on my phone.” This response shows Biden is completely ignorant. He can’t even deal with the people who threaten us. How can anyone possibly take him seriously? To promote himself, he reached out to TikTok influencers. That’s how he views the threat.