WaPo Defends Jackson, They Believe Democrats Should Not be Held to the Same Standards as Republicans

Even if everything were perfect, Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings would be a scourge of SCOTUS history. Media is so far from ideals that they can’t even claim to be honest with their analysis.

An editorial in the Washington Post stated recently that Judge Ketanji Jack had been treated worse than Brett Kavanaugh during the Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings.

They are wrong in their assessment of reality. They do their best. Jackson’s history with child sex predators, her work in defense of Gitmo detainees, and her association with questionable organizations was more shameful than Jackson being charged as a serial rapist.

A woman accused Mr. Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Democrats asked that the committee investigate. Republicans supported his nomination. However, his partisan instincts raised concerns about his impartiality.

Republicans denigrated Judge Jackson based on obvious distortions of the law and her record. Judge Jackson has repeatedly condemned child pornography and her record clearly proves her seriousness.

The discerning reader will notice that Kavanaugh wasn’t accused of any “credible charges”. Kavanaugh was raped by pro-abortion Democrats from the Senate Judiciary Committee, and their hardcore supporters on the left.

The Washington Post also notes that judicial nominees accused of leading secret college gang rape or rape cults are expected to lead. This involved drugging and then setting up women for rape, complete with limp bodies.

It is hard to believe Jackson could be charged with such a horrible act in college. Jackson would have been “yaaas!” by the WaPo on one side. WaPo says that Republican Senators should only ask the most basic questions “in good faith.” They believe that Democrats shouldn’t be held to the same standards.

It is only at the end that it becomes possible to confirm the WaPo’s reason for writing the way they did. Their colleagues’ antics diverted them away from their more productive questioning. Recognizing the historic nomination by the first Black woman to the Supreme Court, and taking the opportunity to explore difficult legal issues in good faith

It is worth noting two things. First, Judge Jackson has not yet been appointed to the Supreme Court. Jackson’s judicial philosophy is evident in the fact that they used this phrase as an excuse for holding hearings in good faith.

In the end, the only acknowledgment that Democrats engaged in partisan politics during confirmation hearings was made. Republicans took most of the blame.

Both sides are guilty of politicization and denial of the confirmation process. They keep up their clownish shows with Mr. Graham and other people. He would later try to do the same thing as Thomas in what Thomas correctly called a “high-tech execution span”.

The WaPo conveniently ignores the scandalous moments in America’s judicial confirmation story. This is yet another sign that “democracy dies in the shadow of death. ” We all know WaPo doesn’t think that Democrats should be held to the same standards as Republicans because democrats have no morals and they will never be able to stand on their own two feet.