Fake News Targets Ron DeSantis Again in Attempt to Take Him Down

While no one can match fake news’ volume and seriousness, outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post spread it with great frequency. Ron DeSantis is known for publishing false reports numerous times.

The Miami Herald is yet another example of biased reporting in Florida. They claim that DeSantis is such a bad person that he was not invited to an immigration supporters conference.

To be sure, even if he was invited, why would that make an indictment against him? But, this is not true. DeSantis was not even invited to the party.

DeSantis was not invited to the EB5 Conference merely because he is so terrible. Somebody put him on a schedule before anyone confirmed that anything was true.

We now have the next part. Is she making it up?

DeSantis was sent an email from an attendee, but not anyone who was involved in organizing the event. It contained a rant about DeSantis’ anti-immigrant views. Mary Ellen Klaus, the reporter took this as evidence that DeSantis was uninvited due to her anti-immigrant views. It was false. DeSantis connected dots that were miles apart with half a dozen other people between them.

Ira Kurzban stated that he was considering accepting the invitation but Ron DeSantis informed him that he was invited to speak at this conference. Kurzban, a prominent Miami immigration lawyer, sent an email to EB-5 Investors magazine. Kurzban also sent his email to The Miami Herald.

“Mr. DeSantis, also known as a mini-me for his Trump-like tactics, has engaged in the most virulent anti-immigrant conduct we have ever seen by a public official in this state,’’ he wrote.

Other than the lies, there was another problem. A major news source, at least in Florida, wanted to publish a hit piece and refused to do basic due diligence.

The Herald and Klaus are not in a good position at DeSantis’ offices.