Obviously Banning Critical Race Theory Isn’t Working

We saw this coming a mile away. States passed legislation when the right tried to ban Critical Race Theory. However, this did not mean that the road was closed. Teachers and administrators would still be able to find other ways to teach the concepts to students.

I was right.

Recent research has shown that teachers in different schools continue to use these ideas in their teaching. They just repackaged it to appear to be following the law.

Melissa Langan was the principal of Van Buren Elementary School and chief academic officer in the Caldwell District, western Idaho. She claimed that her district had broken the law against CRT by renaming parts of the curriculum.

Langan explained that her district’s schools cannot use “social-emotional learning,” which was used in schools to hide far-left views. Langan gave it another name: Behavior adapts. ”

She stated that she was at a superintendent’s meeting when she learned that social-emotional learning would be replaced by behavior adaptations. It was sad that they had to do it but it was brilliant. ”

Cindy Dion, an instructional coach for the Nampa School District in Boise stated that her schools also have adapted to anti-CRT legislation.

She said: We are trying to transition to social-emotional education. CRT is something that we don’t do. In fact, we are still learning about how to deal with all the wonderful and bizarre things. Guillette pretended she was on Guillette’s side and asked Guillette: “So this dumb rule doesn’t interfere? ”

Dion replied, “Not yet. No. ”

The 1619 Project was another issue that came up during the national debate over CRT. It claims that America’s founding was based primarily on slavery. Guillette found that teachers had discovered how to incorporate its teachings into the curriculum. Teachers have the option to use Newsela to pull content from the 1619 Project.

National Review: Newsela is a content website that takes articles from publications like the Washington Post and Associated Press and rewrites them for five levels of reading. They then publish the articles online as additional teaching material for schoolchildren.

Guillette was informed by Amy Vagnier, assistant director of Maryville City Schools, that Newsela was being used at least by some teachers. ” “We have a few educators that use the free portion. I believe so. Newsela is used by junior high teachers, I think. ”

Todd Wigginton, Metro Nashville Public Schools director, stated that Tennessee’s ban against CRT was “really well-crafted” and did nothing. ”

Guillette admitted in the video that not all teachers have ill motives about the curriculum. He said: Let me be clear. I’m not saying that all administrators are evil. I am aware that there are certain districts where critical racism theory doesn’t get caught. However, many teachers have told us that administrators can close the doors and do what they like.

However, it is obvious that CRT bans may not be the only solution. Guillette agrees with me. He is right. The law cannot take you far. They are closer to state government. RedState’s Kira Davis, one of many, is taking up this charge.

Parents should be able to choose how they educate their children. This is the best way to solve the problem in the long term. It is a waste of time to push for solutions that don’t address the problem.

Watch this video from Accuracy in Media