DeSantis Signs Parental Rights In Education Bill and Disney Has Another Hissy Fit

It’s done. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights and Education Bill into law. This follows a ferocious campaign to lie about the contents of the bill over the past several months, including the use of the false moniker “Don’t Say Gay” in order to describe it.

It would seem that banning the teaching of sexuality to children under the age of 6 would not be controversial, but the far left is very invested in the preservation of the ability to groom children.

This is what the bill is supposed to stop.

American news media outlets would not know what to do if it weren’t for repeating lies. It’s almost like breathing for them. It is not a “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This is obvious by simply reading the new law. It does not prohibit children from discussing sexuality, and the word gay is not used. It prohibits teachers from teaching children sexuality and transgender ideologies behind their parents’ backs. I don’t know how this is controversial.

Notice also how ABC News uses the term “some grades” to refer to K-3. This tells us that even teachers are embarrassed by what they offer support. It’s not a good idea for teachers or parents to talk to six-year-olds about transgenderism, especially if it’s against their wishes. The media is so dependent on the left that they will resort to weasel language rather than telling the truth in order to protect the liberal narrative.

Naturally, Disney was also frightened by DeSantis’ signing the law.

This gambit was tried by Disney a few weeks back and got slapped hard. However, woke corporations can always be relied upon to win. According to polling, parents support the Parental Rights in Education bill. Why wouldn’t they? I don’t know of any parent, including my wife and myself, who would allow a teacher to tell their child that they are a different gender or describe other sexualities. Another poll showed that 67 percent did not support Disney’s condemnation.

Disney is supposed to be a company that protects innocence and promotes childhood innocence. How can they get involved in politics in such a way, isolating parents who are their customers? It is disturbing and sad to see them bow before the LGBT-whatever lobby. Are America’s iconic franchises any longer sacred? What do Disney’s employees have to do about K-3-year-olds being taught sexuality and transgenderism at school? What law could put these employees at risk?

They aren’t. But partisanship can make people do crazy things. For example, they might take a pro-grooming stance if it means that they oppose the Florida man. Society should be looking out for children and not trying to exploit them in order to make adults feel better about themselves.

However, the power dynamics are changing and these corporations cannot stand it. DeSantis is strong and their threats are meaningless. This is a good lesson for other Republicans who would have given up long ago under this pressure campaign.