Trump Wants Putin to Sing Like A Bird on Biden’s Russian Business Deals

It was obvious that he would say it. Donald Trump, wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to reveal all the dirt he may have on the Biden family’s corrupt business dealings in Russia.

In an exclusive interview with Just the News, Trump stated that he urged Putin to release information on Hunter Biden’s business dealings with oligarchs such as Yelena Baturina. Yelena Baturina gave millions of dollars to a company that was led by Biden many years ago.

“She gave him $3.5million and now I think Putin would know the answer. Trump stated in an interview that he believed he would release the information.

He said, “I believe Putin would now be willing to likely give that answer,” he added. He knows I’m certain. Trump also wants to know more about Biden’s relationship with Nikolai Zlochevsky (owner of Ukrainian gas company Burisma).

Trump mentioned in the interview that he is tougher than any previous president on Putin. Trump said, among other things, blocking the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as well as imposing harsher sanctions against Russia.

“And by the way, that’s another, I’m the one who brought up Nord Stream 2,” Trump pointed out. “I’m the one that blocked it. I terminated it. They weren’t gonna have it? [Biden] then opened it.

“And then they say, ‘He’s so nice to Russia,’” he added. “I’m the one that put the biggest sanctions on Russia.”

He also spoke about how NATO was better off when he left the White House than it was during the Obama years.

“I am the greatest thing to have ever happened to NATO because I made Russia pay. He said that NATO now has lots of money because of him.

We all want Putin to spill the tea on Hunter Biden. But, can we really believe that he will? We all know the answer.

Trump calling on Putin to sing like an anthem is a terrible look. I also agree. It is a bad look on many fronts.

First, the Democrats tried to portray Trump and Putin together as big friends doing work that has benefitted them for years — something Trump even acknowledged in an interview. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Putin did Trump’s bidding in this regard? Because that is their only angle, they will not tell us the truth about this story.

The mainstream media would also be influenced by the simple good-guy-vs. bad-guy narrative any Russian intelligence on Hunter Biden releases. Putin is the world’s number one enemy. If he releases any information that could be detrimental to the Bidens, the media will immediately label its bullying tactics. They could also paint the entire Biden family and their children as victims. This sympathetic coverage could help Biden gain more public support. Although it wouldn’t be enough for the president’s negatives to be overcome, it’s something we don’t have to take.

It is possible that the mainstream media will downplay or ignore any Russian data coverage intended to harm the Bidens, or trot out their latest pet epithet, “disinformation.”

While I understand what Trump is trying to do here, it’s easy to see how it could backfire. Do we really believe Putin would do this? Maybe or maybe not, who knows with that guy.