Why Does Biden Show up at Nato Cheesing, Maybe He Doesn’t Know Where He Is?

There’s good news and bad news. Biden won’t be spending his weekend at his Delaware beach home over the next few days. Given his past record, it’s not a good plan for anyone. The video promo for President Obama’s visit to NATO in Brussels has been released. The video contains many interesting details. Here is how it looked.

Let’s begin with his smile. He is cheesing like a Cheshire cat.

Biden’s walking style is another. I don’t know what he was being given before these public appearances but it seems like he’s completely out of control. Biden’s gait is one of those that should be visiting a home nurse, not trying to (and failing to) lead the free world.

Biden refused questions, a move almost identical to all other current leaders. It is important to perceive that the US president is weak mentally and physically.

It’s the third I repeat it: Russia invaded Europe. This isn’t the time to play celebrity and soak in the perks of the office. It’s the time to be stern, serious, and present a real deterrent to tyranny. Instead, we are left with Biden, who constantly seems amused by the fact that he’s even up and walking around. Do you want continued aggression in the world? Because this is how you get it.

During the Trump years, I was told repeatedly that optics and perceptions were important. This was true back then as well as today. Biden should be held accountable for his European trip. He laughed his way through NATO, while Putin massacred civilians.