Turley: WH Exchange With Doocy Could Hurt Biden’s Impeachment Defense

I wrote about the latest Trump indictment and the approach of Special Counsel Jack Smith in it. It could have a negative impact on Joe Biden.

Turley said that Smith tried to criminalize “lies” in politics, but if that was their intention, Biden could be in serious trouble, especially when it comes to a possible impeachment investigation.

Biden knew that his denials and false statements about his interactions and knowledge were false, even though his aides had misled the public as well as when congressional and federal investigations took place.

According to Special Counsel Smith, knowing lies are criminal offenses, at least when it comes to Donald Trump. It could trigger impeachment investigations in the case against Joe Biden for Congress — making this a very personal matter.

Turley now points to the explosive exchange between Fox’s Peter Doocy and Joe Biden and how, almost immediately afterward, the White House tried to spin and clean up the remarks made by Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s staff is spinning a cover story about the scandal. The White House has also admitted that they spoke with business associates but denied that any “business” was said. This is yet another way of shifting the goalposts.

Turley explained by citing his previous remarks.

Doocy claimed that the White House had called him immediately after he got into his car, to refute specifics about the allegations regarding business. Biden’s problems could be exacerbated if White House staff repeats these statements.

It shows that they are very nervous now that this has all come out. Joe’s handler also did everything she could to keep Biden from Doocy.

Biden’s team does not want this to be discussed, as Doocy stated. Devon Archer stated that the Biden brand was at fault and that it is “categorically wrong” to claim Biden had no involvement. Biden’s team can spin but the facts get in their way.

I think that attempting to stop media inquiries at the start is also a form of obstruction and misusing White House staff. While the Republicans investigate the impeachment question, they should count the number of resources used by the White House and administration to prevent media inquiries from Congress.

John Kirby, the National Security Council Coordinator of Strategic Communications, is once again being thrown out to answer questions from Martha MacCallum, Fox’s host.

MacCallum was not having any of it. It’s not the same thing to answer the question by saying that something isn’t true. Access is the key. Devon Archer said, “The prize” is the contact and access to power.