Is TikTok’s New Feminist Video a Propaganda Tool for China?

Some viewers have noticed that this video is heavily influenced by China, which brings a whole new conversation into the mix.

A young girl in white is shown about to insert her finger into a diamond after accepting a marriage proposal. She gets a vision of cleaning dishes, wiping mirrors, sweeping the floor, and cooking on a stove as soon as she touches the ring. She returns to reality when she pulls her finger back. As she slides her finger back into the ring again, she is transported into a vision where she is folding laundry, mopping while pregnant, and caring for a baby, all while talking on the phone.

It’s pretty clear what the message is. The message is pretty obvious.

What immediately comes to mind is… does she not fold her own laundry or clean her home as a woman living alone? Does she cook for herself? What kind of single life does she lead that doesn’t include any of this in her daily routine?

Marriage is difficult, but the idea that a woman spends her entire day cooking and cleaning is absurd. The idea that husbands do not have to help with household chores, is a blatant lie. Marriage is hard work and there are housework chores to do, but TikTok tries to make it appear that this all falls to the wife and that she will have no joy after accepting the ring. This is just tedium and work.

This is a feminist lie that is meant to further divide men and women. This is meant to scare away women from marriage and a committed relationship.

When I say “meant” I mean that these “viral videos” seems to be designed.

Some viewers noticed some interesting details about the video. One thing that caught the attention of some viewers was the fact that the woman who gave the ring to the woman had perfectly filed and shaped nails. It’s funny, even though it isn’t the most important thing to note, that the woman who accepts the ring is a female. They could not have a man play the part. Why not?

The biggest thing that people noticed was the fact that China appears to be driving this. The account that posted the video is Chinese, and the location where the video was filmed seems to also be in China. The architecture and design of this home makes it seem like China is literally behind the video. The people in the video’s background are Chinese.

Although it has not been confirmed, many people wonder if the video is meant to encourage a division between men and woman by China. People are willing to believe this video was an op, given that the app is Chinese and uses different algorithms for different countries.

60 Minutes has covered the vast differences between the TikTok that we see and the TikTok shown in China. China’s TikTok is a mix of STEM and patriotism. In America, however, there are very few restrictions on what can be posted. 60 Minutes shows how the youth are being heavily influenced. In China, the majority of children want to become astronauts, while in America most want to influence others.

The “crack” TikTok was the American version of the TikTok that is called “spinach” in China.

TikTok is so popular in America that it would not be out of the question for China to start circulating videos in America that promote selfishness and division. It also promotes a lackluster attitude.

There’s still no proof that this feminist video was a Chinese op. However, conspiracy theories can be born out of a vacuum, and China is definitely our enemy. It’s crucial to be on the lookout for any bad influences, no matter what their origin is, and to point out to children, as well as to adults, the absurdity of videos such as the one above.