Tucker Carlson Gets Thousands of Hours of Jan 6 Footage from McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had promised earlier this month that all footage from the January 6th riot at Capitol would be released to the public.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy should have shown the footage to the public. “I saw Nancy Pelosi’s actions, and how she politicized it. As a speaker, I stopped allowing minorities to appoint a committee for the first time in history. This was all politicized. The American public should see the actual events, not a report written on a political foundation.

Although McCarthy appears to have given Tucker Carlson thousands of hours’ worth of January 6 footage, it seems that only Carlson has access to the footage.

Axios claims that the Carlson team received 14,000 hours of footage. However, Mike Allen, a reporter, reported that he was told there is far more. As you read this, Carlson’s team may be reviewing this footage.

Last week, Carlson TV producers visited Capitol Hill to dig through the trove. The trove includes multiple camera angles taken from various locations around Capitol Ground. In the coming weeks, excerpts will be aired.

Allen was told by Carlson that there was no legitimate reason to keep this footage secret.

He said, “If there’s ever a question the public should know, it’s January 6, 2012.” “This video will show it.” “I don’t understand why anyone would bother to do that.”

Carlson has always been a huge skeptic about the claims of the Democrats surrounding the January 6 riot. He’s spent a lot of time addressing the flaws in the left’s narratives. This has been met with fury by mainstream media outlets and leftist groups like the ADL.

The Democrats are certain to have used the January 6 riot to portray Republicans as insurrectionists or people who question Democrat narratives as “truthers.” They also developed narratives around selected footage.

Carlson’s team will have access to the footage, which will allow for counter-arguments. However, it is unclear if his team has access.

Over the next few weeks, we will likely see footage from Carlson’s team. You shouldn’t be surprised to find an entire special on that side of Fox Nation.

It is not yet clear if McCarthy will release footage to the public once Carlson’s team has finished with it. One thing is certain. One thing is certain.