California High School Axes Honors Classes In The Name Of Equity

The Wall Street Journal reported that parents are fighting back against a California high-school’s decision to eliminate honors English classes in order to foster racial equality.

According to the WSJ, some parents of Culver High School students disagreed that the district should offer uniform classes which “ensure all students of any race receive an equal, rigorous education.”

Both sophomores and freshmen now take the same level English class called “College Prep”. District officials believe honors classes are a tiered system that discourages Black students from taking AP classes in junior or senior years.

These honors classes, which no longer exist, did not enroll enough Black or Latino students. This, according to the district, could explain why Black and Latino students are underrepresented in Advanced Placement courses. AP classes can help students get a head start in college admissions.

Emma Frigola is Frigola’s ninth-grader daughter. Emma had always wanted to take honors English. According to her, in the current English class, the teacher collected resources and selected topics for students’ research papers.

Elena Frigola, Emma’s sister, said to the outlet that honors English students used to choose their research topics and gathered their sources. Elena is now an eleventh grader.

Culver City isn’t the only Golden State high-school that has been in trouble for removing honors classes. Similar events occurred last year at Patrick Henry High School, San Diego.

CBS 8 reported that “public outrage” broke out over the decision to eliminate honors classes from San Diego’s largest high-school for “equity” reasons in 2022. Michelle Irwin (principal of Patrick Henry High School) “paused” the decision.

Patrick Henry High School was the scene of “public outrage”, with “dozens” of students protesting during lunchtime and several posts by parents on a newly created Facebook page.