Trump Delivers Priceless Response to Latest Media Fabrication Involving Mark Esper

Did you know? A new book by Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense, is out. The focus this time around is on the bad orange man.

You probably haven’t heard of it, but who cares? These books are all the same, they all claim the same things, and many of the “scandals”, they “reveal”, turn out to be nothing. This is the case with Esper’s tell-all offering, which is heavily promoted by the media.

Esper’s claim that Trump once inquired about bombing drug cartels is one of the biggest “gotchas” in the press.

Are you supposed to be mad at the idea of bombing drug cartels? Esper and his media friends seem to believe so, but I’m going on to suggest that normal people may not laugh as hard.

These are the same foreign policy hackers who bombed children and women in the Middle East for 20 years. Trump, however, is crazy to suggest that we bomb terrorist organizations that have killed thousands, if not millions of Americans, and allow the border crisis to continue. You can forget the giddy talk. There is a reason for military force. It would be to take on drug cartels, which have done untold harm to our country while operating from a country on our border.

The press and the foreign policy establishment are useless if they’re not ineffective, complete idiots. It’s not surprising that they would be horrified at the idea of going after the drug cartels using a quarter the amount of vigor we used to blow up Afghan children in cars.

Trump made this statement in response to Esper’s numerous claims.

This is all Trump. What is truth and what lies? I don’t know. Trump’s favorite tactic was to deny almost everything. What if Trump wanted to send 10,000 troops to DC in the midst of the BLM riots. After a few hundred protestors walked around Capitol Hill and fought with police, the establishment and press had no problem sending tens to thousands of troops. The nation’s capital was not peaceful during the BLM riots.

The rest of it is fluff. Trump fired Esper via Mark Meadows. Who cares? The truth is, I think that the former president should have owned Esper’s drug cartel business instead of saying “no comment.” But the rest is funny enough. Trump’s complaining about Esper, when he could have fired him much sooner than he did, is a negative sign. Is he learning that lesson?

However, I will end by pointing out how insignificant all of this is. No one will change their vote for November because of Trump’s claims by Esper or any other person. They are obsessed with him, but ordinary people worry about the things that really affect them. These would include high gas prices, crushing inflation, stock market crashes, and the border crisis.