Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets the Last Laugh Over Liberals Accusing Her of Insurrection

Marjorie Taylor Greene was the subject of a bizarre sideshow over the past few months. Liberal activists have been trying to remove her from the ballot in November.

Their argument is that Greene is not eligible to run as she was involved in the “insurrection” of January 6th. What evidence was presented? The evidence?

Greene was asked questions about alien invasions and Qanon in court. The Georgia Congresswoman is now eligible to run for reelection.

This moronic act is a disgrace to our system. Although the judge made the right decision, there was no reason to allow this carnival. Similar lawsuits were filed against other Republicans, citing a lack of merit.

It is not “insurrection” for a member of Congress to discuss legal avenues to challenge an electoral election. A congressional member can object to the election being certified. However, it is not considered an “insurrection”. Multiple Democrats would be imprisoned and barred from the ballot if it was. Greene’s critics are welcome to critique her attitude regarding the 2020 election. This does not mean that Greene is illegal or that it is conclusive that she has committed “insurrection”. She is therefore constitutionally disqualified.

The left cries out about the demise of our “democracy,” but do you actually know what the actual threat is to our “democracy?” Because they are hurt, Democrat Party hackers want to remove Republicans from the ballots. These tactics are designed to influence the next election and reverse the default results. Georgians living in Greene’s districts can vote out Greene if they don’t want her as their representative.

It’s their decision and not that of far-left funded beltway attorneys acting for Democrats. This victory is significant because it will hopefully put an end to the lunacy that continues.