Is Elon Musk’s Life in Danger?

People started talking again after Elon Musk posted, apparently in-jokes but also seriously, about the possibility of his mysterious death.

He is aware that he is taking on too much, especially since he stands in the way of different powers through the position he holds. Many left-leaning groups including ex-Clinton officials have tried to block his acquisition and get companies to boycott Twitter.

Musk’s comments have been joked about by others.

He also tweeted that Dimitri Rogozin (head of Roscosmos Russian Space Agency Roscosmos) had threatened him. He posted this comment just minutes before. Musk allegedly threatened Starlink to Ukraine in order to maintain their internet service.

It was stated that Elon Musk provided military communication equipment to the Ukrainian fascist force. Elon Musk will be held accountable for this, no matter how foolish you may pretend to be.

Rogozin claimed on Telegram that NATO countries would be decimated by us in a nuke battle within a half hour. However, it was impossible because it could impact the “state of Earth”.

Musk responded to Rogozin by saying that Rogozin’s threats weren’t worth it if he couldn’t even take criticism on Twitter and needed to protect his timeline.

Musk made fun of threats and jokes, but his mom did not find it very funny. Musk tried to make amends for her concern on Mother’s Day.

This says a lot about him and the wheel power he has for what he believes in.