Antifa Activist Arrested for Racist Attacks on Portland Synagogues and Mosque

An Antifa activist and Leftist video journalist got arrested in connection with a series of attacks on synagogues and mosques. These radical, unbalanced ties are being erased by the local media.

Portland Police reported that Mike Bivins was taken into police custody after confessing to the attack on three synagogues and a mosque.

Bivins was well-known for his video work in the Antifa crisis that took place before the 2016 election.

Bivins, a 34-year-old man demanded to be seen by a journalist at Portland Fox TV affiliate. He admitted to the attacks.

Fox 12 Portland reported Bivins had admitted to attacking churches. Besides the attacks being “racist” acts and a violation of a variety of local and state ordinances, It is unclear what caused the violent outbursts. They happened on days that ended in a y.

Attacking worship homes is a violation of civil rights and a possible terroristic act.

Federal officials were invited to participate in the investigation into possible terrorist connections or civil rights violations.

Bivins started his attack on Congregation Shir Tikvah in a rash of attacks on April 30, 2022. Bivins began his rash of attacks on Congregation Shir Tikvah on April 30, 2022.

Portland arson investigators are looking into whether Bivins was involved in any attacks on synagogues or mosques.

Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana stated that “We can all rest assured in our house worship knowing that he is in custody… Although the crimes were against property it is clear that hate speech could lead to violence if not checked.”

Fox 12 Portland reports Bivins has stopped participating in protest activism in 2019. However, this timeline is not ideal

Bivins was spotted on the streets with Antifa during the “summer of Love riots”. Willamette Week reports that Bivins filed an action against the Federal Protect Service after being hurt by a bomb at a protest.

WW reported that Bivins worked at Oregon Health and Sciences University, as a nurse resource manager at [OHSU ], and a freelance reporter for news outlets Willamette Week and Eugene Weekly. The outlet said that WW was “conducting a review of his work.”

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist who writes about Antifa and other anti-democratic monkey-wrenchers in Portland’s institutions. He mentioned OHSU4BLM as a group of medical students who were affiliated with Oregon Health and Sciences University. They were not looting, setting fires, or committing other violent acts.

Alt weekly was told that friends said that Bivins became more volatile due to the pandemic and that he had expressed anti-immigrant sentiments through social media.

Portland Mercury, an alternative weekly pro-Antifa, ignored Bivins’s far-Left ties in a story entitled, “Attacks on Three Religious Centers underscore Rising Hate Crimes In Oregon.” Mercury’s reporter was present at the announcement about Andy Ngo’s protest location, even though he knew the protestors wanted him to be attacked. The protestors then placed a wet cement milkshake over Ngo’s head and chased him through downtown Portland.

Bivins was happy to work with reporters to report on a story about “right-wing extremism.” This included Willamette Week and the local PBS affiliate.

Police claim that Bivins, who had visited the station, was taken into custody.

Bivins demanded to speak to a reporter after he visited a television news station. Bivins asked to speak with a reporter after he visited a TV news station.

Bivins seems to have stopped updating his Twitter account since 2018, but he maintained a blog that displays a DNS warning every time someone attempts to view it. Bivins and his friends created a Wikipedia Page to announce that he was a former multi-media journalist.

The far-Left Portland District Attorney has filed seven serious charges against him. He also set bail at $270,000 for Bivins.