Truckers in Canada Are Protesting As Long As Needed

The “Convoy to D.C.” has begun to gain momentum. They have tremendous inspiration from our freedom-loving Canadian trucker neighbors.

Truckers traveled across Canada in a convoy, and ordinary Canadians joined the march to Parliament Hill, Canada’s capital. The Freedom Convoy and other related protests were positive and exuberant. There has been very little negative behavior except for some disrespectful yahoos who went to the grave of a veteran. Some members of this group even provided food for homeless people in Ottawa!

This hasn’t stopped Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, from comparing protesters to Nazism and Racists. It hasn’t stopped left-leaning publications from Canada and the U.S. writing articles and editorials demeaning truckers and misrepresenting the protests.

The photos of the convoy as well as the demonstration at Parliament Hill are a display of patriotism and a commitment towards freedom. They also show that ordinary Canadians consider these truckers heroes. They also demonstrate the support the truckers have received.

Freedom Convoy 2022 has raised a staggering amount of money. As of the writing of this article, donors have contributed $10,035,700 Canadian (which is equivalent to $7,914,253.38 US) via GoFundMe. One donor even gave more than $30,000 Keean Bexte, a conservative Canadian journalist, noted how well-funded truckers are.

One member of Ottawa’s council suggested on Twitter that he would start court proceedings to seize Freedom Convoy’s funds in order to cover the cost of police during the protest. The council member has since made his Twitter account private.

Here’s a fun contrast. Fox News compared the amount of money raised by the Freedom Convoy to the amounts that Canadian political parties have taken in.

According to Elections Canada records, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, and his reigning Liberal Party of Canada collected $3.7 Million in the fourth quarter of 2021. The opposition Conservative Party of Canada received a little less than $3 million in the same period.

The New Democratic Party raised $1.8 Million, while the Green Party of Canada raised $800,000. and Bloc Quebecois a little less than $150,000.

American truckers joined the Freedom Convoy ahead of the U.S. version. Tabak interviewed a trucker with joint citizenship in Canada and the U.S.

Mahadeo has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, so the mandates from the border have not affected his work. He continues to transport auto parts between the two countries.

The long-haul trucker, who calls both countries home, believes there is more to the vaccination requirements.

The Freedom Convoy might need to keep some of the money they have raised in order to help other protesters further west. Tabak reports about how Mounties intervene in protests in Alberta.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers began an enforcement action against a blockade at the U.S. Canada border in Coutts (Alberta) of commercial trucks and other vehicles that had been protesting COVID-19 since Saturday.

The RCMP stated that it took this action after not being able to reach an agreement. It warned that anyone who remains could be arrested.

It is obvious that not all protests go according to plan. What started out as a small group within one sector of Canada’s economy has become a national movement for freedom. Even in the Canadian winter, it’s enough to warm your heart.