Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught To Hispanic Children In California

Kali Fontanilla, a high school English language teacher working in the Salinas school district, says that many of her students were failing the ethnic studies class mandated by the Democratic-controlled California state legislature.

Fontanilla is a teacher in a district that has a large Hispanic student population. Fontanilla didn’t know what “ethnic studies”, a course she was taking, was until she looked online. She was shocked by what she discovered.

Fontanilla was intrigued by the course’s content. Fontanilla was intrigued to see what all the teachers at the high school used to share lesson plans and course materials online. Fontanilla was stunned by the results.

It’s not “critical race theory”, so it cannot be considered critical race theory.

CRT is not taught to students in primary education, but many adherents deny it. The mainstream media has been quick to support such claims. Fontanilla’s discovery is so important.

Fontanilla provided slides from the lesson plans that confirm that the ethnic studies course refers to critical race theory.

All levels of education, from primary to graduate school, are taught the concepts that underpin critical race theory.

According to a statement from The Epoch Time, Dan Burns (superintendent of Salinas Union high school district) denied that the course was based upon CRT. However, he acknowledged that CRT is “reported in our course as one the frameworks within K-12 Ethnic StudiesOutcomes list.”

CRT is indeed mentioned in the district’s ethnic course curriculum, which can be accessed online. Students will be studying “intergenerational trauma” using an interdisciplinary and critical approach, according to the syllabus. The suggested curriculum includes scholarly articles on critical race theory, such as “Whose culture is capital?” Tara J. Yosso is a UCLA professor of Education who specializes in critical-race theory.

Fontanilla wrote a protest letter to the school board, protesting the “attempt left-wing doctrine.” The letter was read at a meeting of the public school board. Parents cheered.

At its next meeting, the school board prohibited anti-CRT comments.

There’s more to the world than racial and race differences. Teaching children that race is the only thing in America is a disservice. However, this doesn’t mean that teaching history about oppression and racism should be merged with CRT, as some parents believe.

It does not mean that it cannot be taught. It must also be acknowledged that this journey was extraordinary and that both white and black Americans were involved.

It’s not history. It’s brainwashing. It’s propaganda.

It isn’t education, and rational Americans know it.