AOC Calls For ‘Obstructionists’ Lives To Be As Difficult As Possible

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D.Lubyanka), is furious at Sen. Kyrsten Silena (D.Arizona), for standing against the far-Left’s plans for socialism, election-rigging and socialism. She is demanding that Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-Sinister, take action. He should “make their lives as difficult as possible,” this is the type of rhetoric that devastates free republics and AOC should be remembered.

AOC responded to a tweet by Bloomberg congressional reporter Zach C. Cohen. Kyrsten Sinema confronted Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate, on the Senate floor about the slow voting process. Per @StevenTDennis. “Could we have some discipline with the votes? You are in charge!

AOC’s absurd and unsubstantiated claims about residents of public housing going without heat or losing their right to vote are laughable. However, having Senate votes held at inconvenient times doesn’t seem to be that extreme on the scale for what can be done to make someones’ life difficult. Their lives could be much worse if Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have to endure weekend votes. AOC however called for Sinema to be made as miserable as possible after Leftist activists followed Sinema into a bathroom at Arizona State University to harass her over her opposition to Biden’s socialist Build Back Better agenda. Manchin was also harassed by Leftist kayakers.

These incidents were dismissed by Old Joe Biden as “part of the process”. But they weren’t. To intimidate people into opposing a political agenda is a characteristic of totalitarian regimes. This has not been a feature of American public life, except for a few notable exceptions.

The New Yorker AOC stated last month that Kyrsten Silema was not qualified to represent Arizonans: “I don’t believe she’s given a compelling case why she should be renominated for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate in Arizona. “She has been an obstacle to the American right to vote.” However, her desire to make Sinema’s job as difficult as possible goes beyond just trying to prevent her from being reelected. AOC is opening the doors to Sinema’s destruction for both personal and professional reasons.

Although the United States has been to this spot before, it was quite a while ago. AOC’s call for Schumer recalls an event that took place on the Senate floor in May 1856 as the country was preparing for the Civil War. The lengthy speech, entitled “The Crime against Kansas,” was delivered by Senator Charles Sumner from Massachusetts on May 19-20.

Sumner also ridiculed Senator Andrew Butler of South Carolina, in terms that strongly suggested the belief among abolitionists in slaveholders being primarily interested in female slaves for their sexual use. Sumner’s statement was offensive to the Southern honor, but there was much truth to it. Southern honor would be restored. On May 22, Preston Brooks, a South Carolina congressman, who was Butler’s cousin, entered into the Senate chamber to make for Sumner’s desk. Sumner was being beaten over the head by Brooks with a heavy wooden stick. He continued beating Sumner until Sumner started bleeding profusely. Brooks continued beating Sumner until he broke his cane. Brooks later recalled that he gave him 30 first-rate stripes. He bellowed like a calf towards the end. I took my cane off but kept the Head, which is made of gold.

Sumner was made very difficult by Brooks. It took him many years to recover. Both men were called heroes. Southerners inundated Brooks, Georgia, with canes to commemorate Sumner’s attack and to replace the one that had been broken above Sumner’s head. But the cane wasn’t the only thing that was damaged. It was also the Union. It is now as close to being broken as it has ever been. AOC’s incendiary rhetoric towards those she hates isn’t just a sign of totalitarian regimes. It’s also a grim indicator of how far the Left has fallen from true American principles.