The House GOP January 6 Report Destroys Pelosi Narrative, Blames Her for Security Issues

Democrats have been so focused on attacking Republicans, and President Donald Trump specifically, using the Jan. 6 Committee to their advantage that they haven’t considered other important security concerns.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker (D-CA), had denied the Republicans their choice on the Committee. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, pulled them all. The Jan. 6 Committee was a complete partisan exercise with every member appointed by Pelosi presenting only the Democratic narrative of the day.

Now, however, the House Republicans have dropped their report. The report includes a number of text and emails messages that were sent on Wednesday by the Committee, which the Committee ignored. However, the Republicans discovered them as a result of their investigation. Reps. Rodney Davis and Jim Banks, Troy Nehls and Jim Jordan, as well as Kelly Armstrong, pointed out failures in the Democratic leadership, and Capitol Police leadership, and were more concerned with the security of the National Guard and armed officers than about security. This was partly due to the National Guard being called out in the past for Antifa/BLM riots.

Banks claimed that Pelosi was involved in the failures, but left the Republicans alone.

He stated that the report “exposes the partisanship and incompetence that led to January 6’s disaster and it the leading part Speaker Pelosi played in the security breach at the Capitol.” “Unlike the January 6th Committee’s bogus report, House Republicans have produced a useful report which will keep our Capitol safe and USCP officers protected with no budget and no subpoena powers.”

The report doesn’t sugarcoat the actions of pro-Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol.

It noted that “on January 6, 2021, criminals rioters attacked police officers, broke into U.S. Capitol, damaged properties, and temporarily interfered in the certification of states’ presidential and vice presidential electors during the Joint Session of Congress — which is typically pro forma.”

Its most shocking revelations were text and email messages that showed that Pelosi’s top staff members attended regular meetings to discuss Jan. 6’s security plan. These meetings dated back to December 2020. Some plans were even edited by Pelosi. The report stated that most of these meetings and discussions were held without Republican legislators.

The report stated that Paul Irving, then-House Sergeant of Arms and who was a member of the Capitol Police Board due to his position, succumbed politically to pressures from Speaker Pelosi’s Office and the House Democrat leadership up to January 6, 2021. “He worked closely with the Speaker’s staff and excluded Republicans from important security discussions.”

This refuted the story that Pelosi was “without power” and didn’t participate in security decisions for the day.

The report states:

It stated, “Documents provided to us by the House Sergeant of Arms demonstrate how Paul Irving, the then-House Servant at Arms, performed his duties in clear deference towards the Speaker and her staff”.

It was noted that Pelosi’s chief of staff Terri Mccullough and Jamie Fleet, an aide to Pelosi’s staff, were in constant contact with police officers and the sergeant-at-arms over security planning for Jan. 6, 2020, which began in early December 2020. McCullough was involved in a security plan letter sent to legislators a few days before the tragic events.

“Irving sent McCullough the draft and Fleet any comments or concerns.” The report stated, “McCullough replied shortly after with edits.”

Some Capitol Police officers had asked for help but were left high and dry.

Chief Sund repeatedly begged for troops, but Irving denied him because he was concerned about “optics.” Sund testified that Irving delayed his request until after the violence ended on Jan. 6. Irving had to take it up the chain, a.k.a. the command. Pelosi.

“The Speaker’s Office was involved in planning and decision making before and during events of Jan. 6, 2021, and micromanaged Sergeant at Arms.”

According to the report, Capitol Police was understaffed, untrained, and ill-equipped to handle such a situation. This is the main thing Democrats should have focused on to avoid such a situation in the future. They are too focused on their political agendas to make this the main focus. They didn’t want anyone to see how Pelosi was involved, and why the Democratic claim she “had no power” wasn’t true.