CNN Medical Analyst Who Said The Unvaccinated Should Not Be Able To Travel Changes Her Tune

CNN’s medical analyst, who advocated vaccination restrictions and lockdowns, once claimed that “we can’t trust the unvaccinated”. He has now taken to the Washington Post pages to confirm claims that had been dismissed as misinformation.

According to the so-called health expert, natural immunity is best and those who have been vaccinated but not yet caught COVID-19 are more likely to contract it.

Some may be pleased to see the long-censored claims in The Washington Post. Others suggest that there is something missing from these confirmations.

What about the details?

Leana Wen, an emergency physician and professor of policy and management at George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, is a professor of health policy. She served as an analyst on CNN and was president of Planned Parenthood.

Wen published an opinion piece in the Post on Dec. 9 calling for the end of the mandate to vaccine military personnel.

Wen suggested that businesses, universities, schools, and other entities who once had a reason to implement these requirements should also consider getting rid of them.

CNN analyst, She appeared to defend her earlier positions in the pandemic. She claimed that “when coronavirus vaccines first became available, there was a compelling argument for requiring them.”

Wen pointed out that standards and things changed after the Omicron variant was discovered.

Wen stated that research has shown that vaccines are not effective in reducing infections against omicron subvariants.

She cited “Nature Communications” as an example. It found that the effectiveness against infection was approximately 50% in the first three months following vaccination, but fell to 10% or less thereafter.

Wen published a study in the “New England Journal of Medicine” that found no difference in infection rates among people who had received two doses of vaccine six months prior to those who were not vaccinated.

Wen also noted in her article, which was likely to have been censored on the internet earlier this year that Omicron’s new bivalent booster is not effective against infection.

Wen suggested that Wen could be accused of running afoul mRNA vaccines’ most outspoken champions like Dr. Anthony Fauci. Wen stated that public health officials should make it clear that the coronavirus vaccine was not equivalent to much more effective real vaccines such as those used for polio and measles.

Wen wrote that young, healthy individuals, many of whom have already had covid, are unlikely to get seriously ill and there is little difference in the likelihood of them infecting others.

Wen also stated in another covid-violating, shibboleth-violating editorial published Dec. 18. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study showed that people who have never been infected by covid were three times more likely to become infected than those who had not been vaccinated.

She also mentioned a Lancet study which found that those who had never received covid but were vaccinated were four times more likely to develop severe illness and require hospitalization or even death than those who were vaccinated.

This article explains that an Israeli study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, compared two groups of people who were vaccinated and had never been infected by COVID-19 to determine which group was more effective.

The first group had twice as many infections than the second group within two months of their shots. After six months, the infection rate in the “first” group was almost three times that of the second.

Wen supported vaccination of children in the past, but she cited CDC data showing that more than 90% of teenagers have been infected with the virus. This suggests that they may benefit from natural immunity discussed earlier.

Wen raised questions about the utility and effectiveness of vaccine mandates. He also highlighted the dangers they present — which were previously not acknowledged on social media.

Wen referred to two sets of statistics: one from the CDC, the other from a Canadian database. The first shows that there are 39 cases per million doses of myocarditis in males aged 18-24 and the second that there are 22 cases per 100,000 doses in men aged 18-29.

Wen seems to have made a lot of progress in her thinking in a very short time.

Democracy Now! interviewed Wen in July 2021. Wen spoke out about vaccine hesitancy, claiming that “we don’t trust the unvaccinated”.

Wen stated to CNN that the Delta variant was discovered and that it would be difficult for people to not get vaccinated.

Chris Cuomo, CNN’s health policy professor, suggested that societal reopening should be linked to vaccination status.

She stated, “We must start looking at the option to not get vaccinated as we do driving while drunk.” You can choose to not have your vaccines administered, but you cannot go out in public.

Wen also stressed the importance of ensuring that mobility rights and other liberties are tied to vaccination status.

American citizens enjoy certain privileges. These privileges are only available to Americans who have been vaccinated. She stated that travel, and the right to travel within our state, is not a constitutional right.

Eli Klein, a New York art dealer, expressed surprise at the Washington Post’s publication of the truth about natural immunity in response to Wen’s recent op-eds.

Joel Petlin (superintendent of the Kiryas Joel Schools District) tweeted: “The media coverage on COVID-19 research about natural immunity has evolved form being banned on Twitter into being embraced by those *experts* who applauded their original bans. Only thing missing are the apologies, and the promise to not repeat past errors.

Revolver News said that Wen’s admissions were “too little, too late.” Dr. Wen and her associates conspired to suppress the facts necessary to make informed decisions about how to deal with a novel pathogen. Their totalitarian tendencies cost us freedom of movement, freedom to associate, and bodily autonomy.