Texas Governor Blasts Clueless Media After ABC Reporter Suggests GOP to Blame for Border Crisis

Gov. Greg Abbott, R. Texas, attacked the media after an ABC veteran journalist suggested that Republicans’ rhetoric was partly to blame for the crisis on the southern border.

After Martha Raddatz said that she’d never heard President Biden use “open border”, Abbott replied Tuesday with a clip of his interview. Raddatz instead claimed that Abbott, the Florida Governor, had used such rhetoric. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

Abbott stated that Raddatz’s assertion that such messaging “reverberates throughout Mexico and beyond” while being used by cartel smugglers was simply false.

He said, “It’s crazy to suggest anything like this.”

It shows that mainstream media are clueless about the border, as well as Joe Biden’s spokesperson who claimed that the border is closed.

Abbott made a comparison between the Biden administration’s results and the Trump-era leads, concluding that the previous administration had overseen the most secure border for decades.

He said that Trump, unlike Biden, had enacted Remain in Mexico, implemented the Title 42 pandemic policy related to deportation, and ended the “catch-and-release” of illegal immigrants.

He stated, “That’s what Donald Trump did. We had the lowest border crossings in the last century.”

“Now, Joe Biden has seen record-breaking numbers of people cross the border, because of his bad policies.”

The host asked if Abbott offered Raddatz an aerial view of the border crisis, which the governor said he indeed did.

He said, “Right after that interview…we did fly her up the helicopter and showed to her exactly what was happening on the ground.” “And the truth is that there are people crossing the border and Joe Biden does nothing to stop it.”

“And that’s precisely why Texas has to step up to make extraordinary efforts to secure our border. This is something that has never been done by any other state in American history.”

Abbott promised to continue transporting migrants to sanctuary cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Washington. He also stated that Mexican cartels are driving migrants towards areas where federal agents are present because they know they have a better chance to be freed than if they were apprehended by Texas state police.