The FDA Should Have Been Ready for the Vaccine Information Shared by Florida’s Surgeon General

Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo shared his report on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines with the public on October 7. This vaccine was given to men between 18 and 39 who are at greater risk for death from heart disease.

An analysis showed that cardiac-related deaths rose by 84% in males between 18 and 39 after mRNA vaccination. This increased risk was not present in non-mRNA vaccines.

These results led Ladapo, a physician in New York City to recommend that men between the ages of 18 and 39 not receive mRNA COVID-19. Floridians were asked to speak with their doctor about possible side effects and the benefits of the vaccine.

Ladapo shared this link along with the analysis and the new guidance to communicate results.

Twitter temporarily blocked the tweet and stated that its current misleading information policy covered synthetic and manipulated media as well as COVID-19, civic integrity, and other issues. Twitter restored the tweet Sunday morning.

It is a shame Twitter chose to censor the tweet. This was despite the fact that the FDA had already recognized the dangers of heart disease in men under 40 years of age a year earlier. She is the FDA’s deputy director of clinical services in the Division of Vaccines and Related Products Applications. She shared insights into the frequency of myocarditis.

According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the incidence rate for young men between 16 and 17 years was at 1:5,000, which is higher than VAERS. This was due to two doses of the mRNA vaccine. Florida recommended against COVID-19 vaccinations being given to children under the age of six in March 2022.

Dr. Arnold Monto, who was acting as chair of the committee, asked Fink whether it was possible to determine when myocarditis is no longer a problem.

He stated that although there are pieces of evidence that COVID may be linked to myocarditis, it isn’t clear that this can be directly attributed. But, myocarditis is more common among men younger than those with COVID-19.

The FDA’s statements will not be censored by social media, even though they contradict Florida.

Fink refers to the risk-benefit assessment as the critical assessment that all healthcare providers must make before offering treatment.

Fink noted that the FDA had data on cardiac risks for men under 40 years old. However, no data was available about the possibility of developing complications from the third dose. This should have been alarming, considering that the majority of cases involving heart disease were reported after the second dose.

Ladapo shared distressing information. The researchers followed the patients for 30 days after receiving their second dose.

Their research revealed cardiac side effects not covered in the Vaccine Safety Database. This database is used to provide vaccine advice for FDA and CDC.

Ladapo’s “experts”, should have known that fatal cardiac episodes could occur, given the high rate of such events documented by literature. This is a sign of myocarditis. Subclinical cases that could cause heart damage were also discussed.

Ladapo addressed critics after his tweet was restored and pointed out their mistakes. Ladapo then took aim at the “experts”.

Is this really so difficult to believe? The truth is that COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations, which increase myocarditis in young men by 10, 20, and 30x, respectively (see Karlstad, JAMA Cardiology 2022), also increase cardiac death risk.

Dr. Ladapo is clear about his intentions. He deserves credit for sharing information that is not in the Florida narrative.

These data suggest that there may be a partial explanation for the alarming rise of deaths in Americans over age 50, as reported by insurance companies. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins University, said that it was.

The refusal of the FDA to anonymize and summarize autopsies relating to VAERS-related deaths raises suspicion. It is easy to wonder if these agencies are more concerned about politics than public healthcare.

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