Gavin Newsom Can Destroy California (Some More) with This 1 Weird Trick

Gavin Newsom will take back the billions that he gives to California voters just before Election Day. It’s almost as soon after he has won four more years in one of the worst-run states in America.

As voters get their mail-in ballots, and even some (!) Non-voters: Newsom is sending inflation relief checks up to $1,050. It’s almost enough to fill it up twice.

“Relieving” inflation using free money is like treating headaches with a ball-peen Hammer.

California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley raised the alarm earlier in the week. He released a statement saying, “It’s officially.” “Newsom calls a Special Session to the Legislature solely for the purpose of raising taxes.”

It’s just an increase to the gas tax in the state that produces the most gasoline.

Don’t you know, the special tax-hiking session happens after the election.

Kiley is one California’s last free-range Republicans and should be granted legal protection under the Endangered Species Act. Also, he is running for Congress in California’s D+5 third district. We wish him success.

It’s worse than that, because California politics is always like this.

The Wall Street Journal reported last Wednesday that Newsom had signed a “stealthy” income tax increase “that raises top marginal income-tax rates on the sly.”

Newsom is giving out “free” funny cash while inflation is high. Then he will raise taxes on income and gas during what appears to be a severe recession.

This guy will make Joe Biden look like Solomon.

There’s a good chance that Newsom will become our next president.