Disgusted British Motorists Take Control After Climate Change Activists Block Roadways

Kamala Harris may say, “If you want to think for yourself and not be bound to the Democratic party,” that you have to go somewhere if you want to go there.

Millions of Americans agree that it is annoying to be stopped by protestors who are gluing themselves to the pavement or have joined together in solidarity.

British motorists were struggling to reach their destination when “Just Stop Oil” protestors from different woke activist groups joined forces to stop traffic on the roads. This tactic was used by fanatical leftists throughout October to try to get the UK government “to stop all future licensing for exploration, development, and production of oil or gas.” It proved so frustrating to motorists that they quickly took control.

Angry motorists were seen pulling climate activists off the roads during Just Stop Oil’s latest protest.

Over the weekend, 100 people were arrested by the Metropolitan Police as Just Stop Oil activists blocked roads in London to demand that the government address the environmental crisis.

Westminster drivers were seen pulling protesters from the road next to the parliament. One said to the climate group: “I must go to the hospital… Stop interfering with our lives.”

In Sunday’s protest, one activist was also captured climbing onto a police van and gluing his hand to the top.


Climate change activists are increasingly using blocking roads and busy highways as a tactic to combat climate change. This is evident by the Monday morning blockade on the Capital Beltway. Eventually, arrests were made.

During the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led protests that took place in Minneapolis in 2020 following the officer-involved shooting death of George Floyd, many instances were witnessed were “peaceful protesters”, who claimed to be peaceful, took control of busy streets and prevented traffic flow in an attempt to spread their “Defund the Police” message.

In some cases, there were violent confrontations where demonstrators either surrounded the vehicle or jumped onto it. Or, the drivers got frustrated and tried their luck by approaching the agitators blocking the streets trying to force their way through. Some of the incidents resulted in injuries and arrests. In some cases, there were even deaths as a result.

As I have noted, these actions by frustrated UK drivers would be considered violence if they were tried in the U.S. However, it seems that some drivers in the U.K. understand that there has to be a delicate balance between expressing one’s political views on roads and allowing people to travel unassisted to school, work, or medical appointments.