The Biden Administration Wants to Install Drug Paraphernalia Vending Machines in Kentucky

Joe Biden’s “Make America Portland” sweepstakes has given the Bluegrass State the prize. This was due to the increasing drug problem. Source: NIH

Evidence suggests that PWID in the region wants to use a variety of harm reduction service models. A vending machine, or “kiosk,” is the most popular model for harm reduction. This is in response to the stigmatization that some people use as a reason not to use the staffed SSPs. These kiosks have been in existence for more than 30 years. But, they are rare in rural America. This will reduce HIV/hepatitis C overdose risk behaviors and provide injection equipment, condoms, and fentanyl testing strips. The kiosk also features a call-back function that allows for referrals to appropriate services by certified recovery coaches.

The NIH promised the Free Beacon they would provide food kits, water, and feminine hygiene products, as well as wound care, to help people in need.

Appalachia has been struggling for years with drug addiction.

For some people, managing their addiction will be the only way out. Some people will not be able to save themselves.

However, this solution creates another situation where the federal government and its Monopoly cash piles will solve the problem but not actually solve it. It can also cure addiction and provide a steady stream of income for many years.