If Rings of Power Is Being Review Bombed, Amazon Deserves It

Amazon’s “Rings of Power”, which centers on Tolkien’s Middle Earth in the second century, isn’t doing well. It is easy to see why.

However, this is a boring fantasy using Tolkien’s vast and vital creation as a mask for sub-par writers and directors. It’s yet another established and popular creation being co-opted in order to push today’s mainstream leftist sensibilities including shallow efforts at “diversity” and, of course, heavy-handed feminism.

Tolkien’s blatant bastardization of characters and characters was not going to please his fans. Tolkien’s blatant bastardization and characters would cause division in modern politics. Amazon is therefore 100% responsible.

Amazon claimed that its website was being “review bombed” and it had stopped viewers from leaving reviews.

The company suspended user ratings for The Rings of Power. The source later claimed that Prime Video had implemented this policy in July on all of its shows.

Review bombing refers to when many people leave negative reviews of a product or service on the internet. This is usually done because they are concerned about perceived cultural or political issues. “No one has any problem with seeing people of color in movies, series, and stories… but this story had already been written and shouldn’t have been sullied.” Another example is: “Reflecting the world’s diversity in Middle Earth was an odd goal. It was great for marketing but clearly more important that [sic] making functional television shows. ”

Rotten Tomatoes tells a fascinating tale. It has a viewer score of 39%. There are many complaints about Tolkien’s lore being altered and bent for political purposes.

These are bad news for “Rings of Power”, especially considering that they cost around a billion dollars. The show’s marketing strategy and press conferences are what turned off viewers.

Amazon was able to turn off its rating system due to $1 billion at stake. It could prove to be a breakthrough hit and draw more people to their expensive venture.

It is difficult to navigate the internet. Tolkien’s fans have used Amazon to abuse him.

The lesson is: Stop using your favorite works to promote modern politics.