FBI Appeals Order Appointing Special Master to Check Documents Taken From Mar-a-Lago

The Feds appealed against a judge’s order, naming a special master who would cull through the hundreds of pages of documents, news clips, and other items they took from former President Donald Trump’s South Florida residence.

Federal Judge Aileen Clinton ordered Monday that a special master be appointed to review the documents taken from Trump’s office during the August 8 raid. This is typically a former judge or lawyer. On Thursday, Department of Justice lawyers returned to court, arguing that such an order would delay its current election season investigation of Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. stated that the DOJ and its armed Hostage Rescue Team, (HRT), “the Navy Seals of the FBI”, ransacked the home of the former president in a bold break with protocol and history. In conflict with National Archives claims, the raid assumed that the former President was not allowed documents in his Southern White House office or SCIF at Mar-a-Lago. Kash Patel (ex-federal prosecutor) and the former president claimed that the president had declassified the documents.

The FBI carted off obviously privileged documents between Trump and his attorneys, the former president’s passports, and tax and health documents. The passports were returned, but the rest seem like the wish list of the New York Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. If the past is prologue, you can expect those documents to leak before the election.

Ex-President Trump claimed that the FBI searched Melania Trump’s closet and Barron Trump’s bedroom.

Trump and Patel believe that the FBI was tasked with finding as many Crossfire Hurricane Russian “collusion” documents as possible during the nine-hour-long search. The president declassified these documents along with other documents relating to the FBI’s white-glove investigation into Hillary Clinton’s destruction of email, phones, and other communication devices Congress required her to keep. She was not charged.

Mike Davis, of the Article III Project, tweeted that the FBI waited months to raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. Only after Joe Biden canceled the “protective assertions of executive privilege” of the former president, did the FBI finally raid the home. Now, it is pleading with a special master to delay its investigation.

Harmeet Dhillon, a Constitutional Attorney, responded to the DOJ appeal stating that there is a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome among Washington insiders. They also have a secondary infection called DOJ-itis. This was first witnessed by former Attorney General Bill Barr who saw how the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence community pursued Trump in the Russia hoax.

The former president shared his dark thoughts on TruthSocial about the Deep State.

Trump appealed to Americans to control their anger after the revelations by the FBI.

Barr may want to give his friends at the Department of Justice the benefit of the doubt about Trump but he should be able to see how foolish it is.

Although the judge will consider the arguments of the DOJ, the Left has made it a point to say in its new Reign of Terror era that if the Feds have nothing to hide, they won’t mind having someone check their work.