Nearly One in Four Democrats Say Men Can Get Pregnant

There’s almost a 25% chance that you believe you can get pregnant if you are a Democrat or a man. A new survey suggests that this is the case.

According to The Daily Wire, WPA Intelligence ran an online poll from August 22-25. Nearly one out of every four Democrats agreed with the following statement:

Some men can get pregnant.

In a narrower comparison, white college-educated Democratic women scored 12 points higher at 36 percent.
Conor Maguire, WPAi’s Managing Director, explained this:

“Overall, Americans don’t believe men can have children. However, 36% of a core Democratic constituency…and 1 out of 5 Democrat voters believe this, it is easy to see why Democratic leaders are coddling the radical gender theory movement.

It is being raised above all cultural issues. It’s quite curious that the Biden administration is now fully trans.

In my April article, Transgender Revolutionary Joe Biden Is Promoting the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons Around the World: Joe Biden was elected as the U.S. Congressman in 1972. He was just 29 years old. From 1973 to 2009, he was Delaware’s senator. He was the Delaware senator from 1973 to 2009. He did not do this eight years ago as vice president.

However, he has lost his sight.

Science may be able to answer the question of whether or not men can have children. Science has now weighed in.

Yes, it is possible for men to get pregnant and have children. It’s actually quite common. To explain it, let’s dispel some myths about the meaning of “man”. Not everyone who was assigned male at birth (AMAB), can identify as a man. People who identify as men are called “cisgender”. Some people, who were born with a gender identity of male (AFAB), may also identify as such. These people could be transgender men or transmasculine.


The New York Times published “Maternal instinct is a myth that men created” recently.

Why restrict things to women and men? Scientific American claims that the racist myth of binary sex wasn’t created until nearly 1800.

Whatever the reason, society hasn’t seen a change in its current state. It’s simply revolutionized its language.

As I have previously mentioned:

There are many things to be adjusted across the American lexicon. Unfortunately, there is no way to change what already exists.

We’ve actually already done that in the most extreme way: Humanity has created completely different languages.

As it turned out though, even though people came up with alternative terms for virtually everything, the established truth of the universe remained.

So can men get pregnant? If you expand the definition to include all women who can become pregnant, they can. Is this a continuing definitional revolution in the Democrat Party? There’s a good chance, but the idea is still in its first trimester.