Texas Man Accused Of Killing 22 Women Convicted Of 2nd Capital Murder

Accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir looks back ahead of his re-trial on Monday, April 25, 2022 at Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas. In this trial, Chemirmir is accused of killing Lu Thi Harris, 81, by smothering her with a pillow in her home and taking her valuables. His first trial in November ended in a mistrial after after a jury in the first trial was deadlocked following 11 hours of deliberation over two days.

A Dallas man was convicted Friday of capital murder after he was accused of the murder of 22 elderly women.
This week, Billy Chemirmir (49), was found guilty in the murder of Mary Brooks, 87, earlier this week. He was convicted of the April murder of Lu Thi Harris, aged 81.

He is accused of preying upon elderly women living in senior living communities in Dallas. The man would either force his way into victims’ homes or pretend to be a handyman in order to gain entry. He is also accused of using his position as caregiver to gain access the victim.

Chemirmir is currently serving two life sentences, without parole, since John Creuzot, the Dallas County District Attorney decided not to seek death penalty. For the 11 additional capital murder cases against Chemirmir in Dallas County, no trial dates have been set.

Collin County currently has nine capital murder cases against Chemirmir. However, it has yet to announce if they will try those cases.

The majority of deaths were thought to have been caused by natural causes. This kept suspicion away from Chemirmir for a while.

Brooks’ death was initially ruled natural. Her grandson found her dead in Brooks’ home in January 2018.

When family members of the victim started reporting missing jewelry, suspicions arose. Brooks’ death was not explained by Brooks’ grandson, who claimed Brooks was still healthy and active despite her advanced age.

Mary Annis Bartel, a senior living resident, was attacked in her apartment. However, she survived the attack.

She spoke out about the attack in a recorded interview before her death in 2020. This was used later in Chemirmir’s trial.

According to the 91-year old woman, she saw a man in green rubber gloves as she opened her front door. She knew immediately that she was in “grave risk.” Bartel claimed that the man tried to cover her with a pillow, and then took off with her jewelry.

Chemirmir was eventually arrested after Bartel survived. Dallas police reexamined the elderly deaths to determine if foul play was involved.

Chemirmir reported to authorities that he made his living by selling and buying jewelry, as well as working as a caregiver or security guard.

Police say that Chemirmir was found in a parking garage with cash and jewelry the day following Bartel’s attack. Police retrieved the jewelry box that he had put in the trash and discovered it belonged Harris. Police arrived at Harris’s home to find the woman dead in her bedroom, with lipstick on her pillow.

Evidence showed that Brooks and Chemirmir both had visited Walmart on the day of Chemirmir’s death. Police discovered surveillance video at the store that showed Chemimir driving in the same direction and leaving the parking lot as Brooks.