GOP Senator Ben Sasse to Resign

October is a month that never gives up, and Thursday brought another big piece of news. KFAB, a Nebraska news station, reports that Republican Senator Ben Sasse will announce his resignation from the US Senate.

According to the report, Sasse could be in the office as early as Thursday and have a departure date for December.

According to reports, Sasse will be leaving Washington to become a higher education leader. As any other role would have probably led to this outcome, I’d guess he will be the president of a large university. Sasse attended Yale so there may be an Ivy League opportunity. However, this seems less likely due to the liberal bias of those institutions.

Imagine the outrage from students if Sasse were to be offered a job at Harvard. Sasse is a Nebraska football fan, so perhaps that gives us a hint.

The GOP governor of the state can name a replacement for him, and it’s unlikely that it will not be a conservative Republican. Sasse has had a varied relationship with the broader left, as both a critic of Donald Trump as well as someone with more neoconservative views. Many will cheer his departure, as a result.

Sasse appeared disinterested in the US Senate over the past several years, to give you a personal observation. His exodus was not surprising as he seemed more interested in pushing his book than governing. Maybe it’s the best.