SUV Carrying Harris Crashes, Secret Service Initially Blames Mechanical Failure

Kamala Harris, Vice President, was in a one-car accident on a Washington, D.C., closed road. The Secret Service initially misreported the incident as a “mechanical fault,” according to a report.

According to Washington Post insiders, the shockwaves caused by Monday’s crash have sent shock waves through Secret Service. Although the vice president was not hurt, it raises questions about how such an inconsiderate incident could have occurred within the highly regarded agency.

Harris was in an SUV and he hit the curb of a tunnel so hard that it had to be changed. To reach the White House, the vice president was transferred to another vehicle.

Kim Cheatle, Secret Service Director, was disturbed by the inaccuracy in the initial accident report. An electronic alert to leadership attributed it to a “mechanical fault” and not to the Secret Service agent driving it. A source said that Cheatle was relieved to receive a more complete account later in the day.

TikTok video appears to show Harris’ motorcade.

Anthony Guglielmi, a Secret Service spokesperson, told the Washington Post that Monday’s protective movement saw a motorcade vehicle have a minor overcorrection. The vehicle struck a curb. “The motorcade continued on to its destination after the protectee was transferred into a secondary vehicle. No injuries were sustained.”

Harris’s spokeswoman confirmed that Harris was uninjured and expressed gratitude to Secret Service.

Kirsten Allen, a spokeswoman for the USSS, stated in an email that “The Vice President sustained no injuries” and thanked the USSS for their prompt response to get her safely to the White House.