Project Veritas Has One High School Principal Scrambling

Project Veritas also released another video earlier in the week as part of its #SecretCurriculum Series. Tyler Wrynn was an eighth-grade English teacher at Will Rogers high school in Tulsa (Okla.) and spoke with a Project Veritas journalist. Wrynn says he is an anarchist and wants to “burn down all of society” but feels that Oklahoma HR 1775 has stopped him from doing so. The bill is primarily a bill that prohibits discrimination in schools. However, it also gives parents and guardians legal rights to inspect lesson plans, instructional materials, and curriculum.

Wrynn’s plan would be hampered by this. He regrets that he might lose his teaching license because he is too woke. Tyler, Portland, and Ore is always good option. Wrynn is not worried. He is proud of his TikTok followers, which he claims makes him an “authority figure.” Wrynn’s “Christmas message” was, in essence, “F**k your parents if you don’t love or accept yourself for who you truly are.” He declared, “I’m now your parents.” He claimed he was in trouble for dropping the F-bomb. After Libs of TikTok made the posts public, he lost his job at another school and there were a lot of parental outcries. He was not yet connected to Will Rogers.

He also wants to abolish Christianity and religion in general, since religion is hierarchical. He is also a believer in Satan. Students can access a “backdoor” link from his TikTok page to find a list of books that are CRT-related. O’Keefe’s phone call to him after the meeting is over is priceless.

James O’Keefe, and his company, have people running scared. This includes Nicolette Dennis, principal at Will Rogers. Project Veritas released audio on Wednesday from Dennis’ unnamed source. It was reportedly Dennis speaking to teachers in a very imploring tone. In part, she said:

There is no secret. Please turn off your mobile phones. Please don’t videotape my conversations. This should not be shared on social media. Don’t make Project Veritas feel that they are with us… We just need to be cautious right now. Everyone has their phones out. Rogers has no secret curriculum. Rogers has no woke politics…I don’t believe there’s a radical agenda in any class at this school.

Dennis stated that the school had been “hammered” by a former teacher who posted unkind comments on Facebook. She said that she’s been receiving calls from Florida about the matter. Teachers should be aware of anyone recording them, even children in their classes. Project Veritas reports that Dennis warned teachers to be aware that Project Veritas wants to put people in situations and make them feel comfortable.

Project Veritas also claims that Dennis said the following:

This is not about you. This is not about us. Even if we disagree, we must stand by each other. Even if we disagree with each other. Even if our worlds are different. It’s okay. This is the world we live in right now. It’s partly because the adults have lost all sense of reality. You know what? Want to know why your kids are so crazy? We’re all crazy, it’s true!

Parents should feel more at ease knowing that “We’re crazy”. She said she didn’t believe there were radicals at the school. She must have forgotten about Wrynn. She is either not being forthcoming or woefully ignorant if she says there are no radicals at the school.

O’Keefe reports that Ryan Waters, Oklahoma Secretary for Education, is asking for Wrynn’s teaching license to be revoked following the Project Veritas report. Watch Waters’ comments here:

I am a product of a public school system and can confirm that these things were being considered even before the 1980s. The American Revolution was a popular topic in 8th-grade history class. My English class was focused on the French Revolution, the overthrow and fall of the monarchy, and the ruling classes. Bastille Day was a topic that the teacher covered extensively, but he didn’t pay much attention to Napoleon’s rise or the Reign of Terror. Wrynn’s future was already set a long time before. It was much more subtle back then.

Check out your state laws. Contact your state legislators if there isn’t a similar to HR 1775. If you are unable to afford private school or home school, and if vouchers are not an option, consider making your child’s education a priority.