Supreme Court Clears Way For Congress To Access Trump’s Tax Returns

The Supreme Court denied Donald Trump’s request for the House Ways and Means Committee to stop him from reviewing his tax returns.

The committee has been trying for six years to review tax returns and tax files related to Trump and eight of his companies.┬áTrump appealed to Supreme Court to block the committee’s review of his tax returns. The court denied Trump’s request Tuesday.

CNN reported that Trump’s Oct. 27 request to block tax returns was rejected by a DC Circuit Court of Appeals panel of three judges. This prompted him to file an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court.┬áTrump requested that the court temporarily block the committee’s view of his tax returns while he was being considered by the court on Oct. 31, and Chief Justice John Roberts granted this request.

Roberts’ order was also invalidated by the Tuesday court ruling.

Trump claimed in his Oct. 31 application that the tax return review request of the committee would, if granted, “undermine separation of powers” and make the office of President vulnerable to intrusive information demands by political opponents in legislative branch.