NASA’s Planned Mars Sample Return Campaign Draws Criticism From Unexpected Source

NASA invites the public to provide input about its Mars Sample Return (MSR), project. The agency states that the mission will be:

“Use robotic Mars orbiter and landing missions in 2027 and 2028, to retrieve rocks and atmosphere collected by NASA’s Perseverance Rover and return them to Earth. The Mars material samples could be securely stored in an Earth Entry System that uses a layered, ‘container within the container’ approach. They would then be transported to Earth in 2030s. The Earth Entry System would then go to a special MSR sample receiving facility.

The agency is asking for public comments on its draft environmental statement. This statement concerns the launch and recovery/storage vehicles involved in the mission. Concerns have been raised that the statement fails to consider the MSR’s possible environmental impact on Mars.

RedState believes it is vital to cover all aspects of the story, as we are called upon to be responsible stewards of natural resource and not damage local habitats. Therefore, we have contacted an interplanetary-recognized expert on Mars and Mars/Earth relations.

Sir, what is your opinion on the MSR Project?

It makes me angry! Very angry indeed!

What is it that you dislike about the project?

What would you think if robots showed up on your lawn and began taking samples of your gardenia plants without your permission? Hmm?

Yes, I see your point. But this mission is not working. You can’t argue with that.

They may appear to be rocks to you. They are part of my beautiful planet to me. I have also arranged them in a way that allows me to focus on my Illudium Q36 Explosive Space Module.

What is your what?

My Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. It will be used to explode the Earth.

WHAT?! !

It blocks my view to Venus. Have you ever looked around your planet recently? It’s very, very messy.

We are there. You have us there.

Still, you must file all necessary paperwork.

It’s false. NASA has posted the draft environmental impact statement on its website.

Earthling, don’t be misled. I am the third, part-time deputy assistant to the fourth floor regional vice-minister on Thursday mornings in-between coffee breaks and environmental impact. Before proceeding, you must send me a copy the statement. We can’t allow alien scientific exploration to cause harm to the local environment.

We are taking a few stones. I have seen photos of your planet. There is plenty of room for improvement.

Those are not rocks. These are instant Martians. Add water and your army is ready to go. We won’t allow Earthlings to take over our army.

Mars is your home. You don’t need an army.

The Second Amendment is the same reason.

Fair enough.