San Francisco Won’t Renew Contract Of Elections Chief

He is a white male and the elections director for San Francisco has an “impeccable record” of fixing San Francisco’s elections.

John Arntz, director of San Francisco Department of Elections, has been running the elections for both the county and city for over 20 years without any hint of scandal and malfeasance.
In return for his hard work, the city will kick him out of the city based on his skin color.

According to Mission Local, the San Francisco Elections Commission voted 4-2 to not renew Arntz’s contract. After the commission made clear that they are looking for a more diverse director, Arntz will be permitted to apply again for the job.

Arntz has been applauded by the commission for his “incredible leadership”, but the commission needs someone with different demographical qualifications in order to meet its racial goals.

David Chiu, Mission Local city attorney, stated that “I believe some people have forgotten the history this department”.

Cynthia Dai, the election commissioner, admitted that there were no performance issues in relation to the dismissal of Arntz.

The commission seemed to ignore a letter signed jointly by all 12 election directors, pleading for Arntz’s re-election and praising his vast experience and knowledge.

The position at Department of Elections will open in May 2023. Arntz stated that he hasn’t made a decision about whether or not he will reapply for this position.