The FDA Wants You to Forget It Told Y’all to Stop Taking Horse Dewormer

Three doctors sued Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alleging they had interfered with the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 treatment. Boyden Grey, the attorney representing them, stated that FDA’s actions regarding ivermectin were contrary to established law and practice relative to the off-label use of FDA-approved drugs.

Gray told the Epoch Times that Congress acknowledged the importance of doctors being physicians and specifically prohibited the FDA from interfering with medicine. Gray stated, “That’s exactly what the FDA did throughout this pandemic.” It took over authority that it did not have and attempted to influence medical decisions made around the world by Americans. ”

FDA lawyers claimed the statements were not guidelines. This was during a November 1 hearing.

This is some really innovative hair-splitting. These statements would not stop drug abuse in a legal system that has many lawyers.

The attached article states that the FDA has not approved or authorized ivermectin for use in treating or preventing COVID-19 among animals or humans. Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat certain parasitic worms, head lice, and skin conditions, such as rosacea. Anyone who doesn’t know better will be able to see that the FDA must approve medication only for a particular purpose.

It is important to note that the FDA didn’t approve ivermectin or other drugs repurposed in their use. Hospitals that used them received a 20% bonus.

However, if the FDA wants to play this game, someone should ask if it has “approved” the use of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists in young adults in cases of gender dysphoria. The FDA has not, to be precise. These drugs have been linked to infertility, long-term sexual dysfunction, and cardiac problems. A Twitter search for the FDA does not reveal any tweets stating, “You’re not a dude, no medication will change that. ”

Pfizermectin, also known as Paxlovid, interacts with many common and non-prescription medications. This is not a concern for FDA.

Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Pierre Kory, and others believe that at least half of the people who died from Covid could be treated if outpatient protocols were developed. This would have an equivalent effect on hundreds of thousands of Americans.

These medications were also used by other doctors with patients. Dr. Marik is the most cited critical-care physician in the world, having been cited over 43,000 times in peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Marick stated that his mortality rate was half that of his colleagues.

A memo was sent by the hospital administration. Marik was prohibited from using the medication in his protocol. He recounts his experience of being forced to see seven of his patients pass away and then having his hospital privileges revoked.

Dr. Marik is one of the plaintiffs in the FDA lawsuit. His career as well as the lives he touched were directly affected by FDA’s “recommendations.” It is unacceptable that the FDA would deny its role in preventing doctors from practicing medicine.