Super-Majority Don’t Want Joe Biden to Stick Around, but His Numbers in Nevada Might Be Even Worse News

The last polls have not provided the Democrats with the game-changing boost they were hoping for after the repeal of Roe V. Wade. RedState reported that Republicans still hold a slight lead in the generic ballot and Joe Biden’s numbers are showing no sign of rebounding. If you’re on the left, this is bad news considering the historical link between the president’s approval levels and the first midterm elections.

Biden’s disapproval has gotten so bad that 71% don’t want him running for re-election. Although I don’t know for sure, I strongly suspect that this is the lowest percentage of first-term presidents in their second year.

These are shocking numbers, but not surprising. This is a man who has taken the country off a dangerous cliff in ways not even conservatives could have imagined a year and a half ago. Maybe I was wrong, but I thought Biden couldn’t screw up the economy to such an extent after COVID. We are now in a situation where gas prices are at $5 per gallon, there is an inflation explosion, stock market crashes, and the possibility of a recession. Even cryptocurrency is not immune to the president’s path to destruction. Bitcoin is in danger of collapsing. There is no place to keep your money if you don’t want it.

While you would expect Republicans to want Biden out, Democrat voters cannot lie to themselves for too long. Biden’s incompetence and inconsistencies are obvious to many. Sometimes, even though he is doing the things they want (e.g. green energy nonsense), the political realities can become too toxic for him to accept. It is obvious that Biden will be in his mid-80s by the end of his second term.

However, as bad as these numbers are for Democrats and Biden, I think that the latest numbers from Nevada are worse.

Nevada could be the most important state for the 2022 elections. There are competitive House seats and its US Senate seat could determine who controls the chamber. Democrats have been put on the defensive by Republican gains with Hispanics. If they lose Nevada, it could spell doom for the rest of the country. The implications for 2024 are not to be ignored, considering that the Silver State has been consistently blue for several cycles.

Roe was overturned as a last resort, but it isn’t giving the energy needed to overcome these terrible fundamentals. The January 6th committee’s performance is falling apart, and there’s no reason for Republicans to believe that, no matter what happens with Donald Trump, it will have any impact on the rest of us. This stuff is already on the cake. If the former president was the drag Democrats want him to be, Glenn Youngkin would not be Governor of Virginia at the moment.

While it’s important to be careful when making political projections, it seems like we’ve reached the point of no returns. What is the best thing to do for Democrats? Maybe someone smarter than me can come up with a solution. I am completely clueless.