West Side Story Star Ariana DeBose Attacks Rotten Ass Supreme Court: My Country Is at War With Me

Ariana DeBose, actress and West Side Story star, claims that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “not only coming for women” but also for gays. DeBose, a “queer” who identified as DeBose, declared that “my country is at war against me.”

DeBose said Thursday to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, “We’re fighting a battle.” We can talk about the Supreme Court’s recent war on women’s reproductive rights but Clarence Thomas was clear in what his plan was. He’s not coming just for women.

The Supreme Court overruled Roe V. Wade last week by holding that Roe v. Wade does not apply to abortion rights and that state legislatures can return abortion laws to the Constitution.

“They came already for voting rights. They will continue to come for equality in marriage. They’ll likely come for adoption rights by the same-sex couples, which is quite honest,” Fragile’s actress said.

Check out the video:

DeBose’s remarks seem to be based on a larger allegation made by leftists that Justice Thomas wants the Supreme Court to reverse other socially liberal decisions following Roe. This claim is mostly false as Thomas wants to end “substantive Due Process” but agrees that Dobbs applies only to abortion.

“I am black, I am afro-Latina, I am a woman, and I’m also queer. DeBose stated that her country was at war with her.

DeBose, in response to the Court’s life-saving decision, said that she would use her money to help women in her community get rid of their unborn children.

She said, “I’m trying to find the abortion funds within my community that can support so that I can help anyone who has a uterus. This could be getting them to a safe haven state or in the states that won’t support them. How can we support them?”

DeBose stated that “This isn’t about one set of rights, it’s about human rights” before bizarrely referring to the Supreme Court as a “rotten tree” that must be rooted out.

This is the time to plant seeds. She said that seeds are the best way to grow roots and hopefully healthy trees. “We have a rotten-ass tree named the Supreme Court, and we need to get rid of it.”

DeBose is one of many celebrities who use their platforms to send lengthy and sometimes unhinged, diatribes to express their desire that women be able to kill their unborn babies.