NYC Day Camp Uses Kids as Props for Pro-Abortion March

New York, like California, has been vocal in its support of abortion. It was the first state in America to allow infanticide. The state’s Democratic leadership, from Governor Kathy Hochul to Eric Adams, is not quiet about Roe v. Wade. As I write, the New York Legislature has begun codifying abortion in its state constitution.

All is very well. Dobbs, v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization by the Supreme Court, was made for exactly this purpose: to give the states the final decision on abortion. New York, like California, has drawn its line in the sand. To paraphrase George Wallace: Abortion Now, Abortion Forever. This is New York’s rallying cry.

This philosophy can be promoted by children. This is beyond the pale.

Newsbusters provides the scoop via Libs Of Tiktok

A day camp in New York City has seen children marching while shouting “bring Roe Back” as exposed by @libsoftiktok. The staff escorts a line of children.

This is really disgusting. I would be furious if I were one of the parents of these children. Today, parents must fight against a government trying to inject their children without parental consent. Sexual groomers are trying to manipulate children using products, media, and entertainment. Parents must fight back. Today, propaganda camps are using children to spread their message.

It’s amazing. Parents must now vet day camps to make sure that their children have a safe and enjoyable summer.

It is a very sad situation.

In January, a Westchester publication published this encouraging message to parents in an attempt to get them to send their children to summer camp.

Young people have suffered devastating effects from the pandemic. Even though they have been granted vaccines and boosters recently, children have lost the freedoms, joys, and opportunities that they once loved. Halpern states that children need a safe environment where they can socialize and try new things. Camp is exactly that. Camp is different from school, where students are expected to focus on academics and sit still. Instead, they can learn in a hands-on setting. Campers learn from everything they do, so it’s not a matter of trying new things or learning new ways to do things.

Although the day camp taught children a different way of doing things, I doubt that this was what the author or their parents intended.

It is a play straight from Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.

Extremely chilling