Stomach-Turning Images from New York Pro-Hamas Rally

The worst attack in Israel’s history took place on Saturday when thousands of Palestinian terrorists invaded the country and murdered men, women, and children brutally in the street. As this article is being written, dozens of hostages are still being held, and retaliatory attacks within the Gaza Strip have already begun.

Some of the videos released in the immediate aftermath of the attack were horrifying. One showed a woman being tortured, stripped, and murdered before she was paraded in the backseat of a truck. Hamas militants were shown in other videos going door-to-door and killing civilians.

You wouldn’t think that anyone would be so psychotic as to make a moral comparison between terrorists and Israelis, given the brutality of the events. This is exactly what happened in New York City on Sunday, when the Democratic Socialists of America, from which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was born, organized a pro-Hamas rally. The scenes were nauseating.

According to Palestinians, the raping of women and the chopping up of civilians is just “resistance”. People will justify anything, even mass murders, by ranting about “settlers”.

There were certainly open calls to genocide during this rally.

It’s important to understand that the “occupation” in Gaza is a non-existent one (in fact, Hamas has controlled that region since 2008). It’s not about wiping Israel from the map, but rather killing all Jews along the way. The rage you see at the rally is a genocidal expression and should be treated accordingly.

It’s amazing that people are fired for taking the simplest of positions for truth, but Hamas supporters will not pay a price. No one is going to be fired. It is the “cause” of Palestine that allows bloodthirsty psychos to avoid jail. It’s so bad that Democrat members of Congress can accuse Israel of Hamas killing Jews and no one outside the right bats an eyebrow.

I don’t really know how it will end, but I cannot imagine a happy ending. In the past, it was a common understanding that you did not praise terrorists who committed genocide and treated them as heroes. It’s not the same anymore, and it’s ironic that many of those at this rally would have been killed immediately if they had stepped foot into Gaza. The far left always believes that they “understand” barbarians. This is a morally and intellectually inept view of the world.