Murdered Brooklyn Activist’s Friends Launch GoFundMe Page for Themselves

Claudia Morales watched as Brian Dowling “randomly” stabbed her lefty activist boyfriend, Ryan Carson, to death in the neo-hipster, ghetto Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Billy Joe sang in his 1980 hit, “You May Be Right,” about a number of crazy things he had done, such as, “I walked alone through Bedford-Stuy.” Bedford-Stuy has been a ghetto for decades. Trust fund hippies invaded Bedford-Stuy in the last eight years. The two cultures have not always mixed well, as black people don’t like basketweavers drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon while gentrifying historically black neighborhoods.

Carson has left behind a legacy on social media of Marxist hatred, celebrating even the death of Rush Limbaugh. Morales has been photographed with an “ACAB”, t-shirt. (ACAB stands for All Cops are B**tards).

Morales did not run, scream, or call the cops as her boyfriend got filleted. However, his friends quickly set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for… them.

According to an internet tip-cup, Morales’ friends have asked people to donate $20,000. This will allow Morales to take some time to grieve. They’ve raised $71,330 as of this writing.

My mother suddenly died on a Thursday. I was back up on stage by the following Saturday.

The page that advertises online panhandling is ghoulish.

Hello everyone,

We are Ryan’s closest friends who are reeling after a devastating loss. Please help us ease the stress and burden of this horrible situation on behalf of Ryan’s partner so we can grieve and remember Ryan. The immediate need is to offset the cost of working-class workers taking time off work to mourn properly.

You can read (and see) the news about the tragedy which struck early on Monday morning if you Google “Ryan Carson”. If you go beyond the breaking news you will find out about his legislative successes, his social media accounts with memories and thoughts, and collections of his artwork. We hope that you will find his views on mutual aid and his advocacy works, as well as his radical principles for community care, justice, and dismantling a profit-centered lifestyle.

This time of healing and remembrance will provide an opportunity for reflection. We thank you for any support that you can offer.

In Pain and Gratitude,
Ryan’s Friends

The donor’s post has since been deleted. It read, “I would happily pay the minimum $5 donation to tell you that you are disgusting for profiting from the death of your boyfriend.”

In the video below, you can see Dowling kill Carson. Dowling, after putting a blade into Morales’ heart, kindly spits on him.

Authorities arrested a teary Dowling at his home, near the crime scene. He is now being charged with second-degree murder.