Black-Eyed Cappuccinos With a Double Scoop of Depression Now Being Served at Liberal Starbucks

Starbucks has finally realized that when someone walks through a sidewalk filled with human waste, feces, and needles they are not thinking about a glazed, cranberry-flavored scone.

Get woke, go broke is a phrase I like to use. I don’t want to see any company fail but I do hate it when a business, such as Starbucks, has liberal views that are so loud they become obnoxious.

Starbucks has always supported liberal causes and politicians. Seven of Starbucks’ downtown San Francisco stores won’t have the opportunity to reconsider their woke decisions.

The company that has 59 locations in the future ghost town announced on Tuesday it would close seven of them by October 22. It’s a start, and I’m not surprised that there weren’t more.

Seattle was the place where the company began, and its roots are deep. The company will deny that they are closing their bitter, overpriced, slave-supplied slopshops.

Jessica Borton, the regional vice president for Northern California Starbucks, who is a delusional liar and a fabulator of falsehoods, provided this boilerplate statement: “There are many factors Starbucks takes into consideration when making a tough decision to close a store. But it’s all part of maintaining a healthy portfolio of stores.”

Right. Here’s a literal translation: Unfortunately, because of the number of homeless, drug-addicted people surrounding our establishments, bolstered and emboldened by liberal drug-supplying policies of our politicians, not to mention our revolving-door justice system, as well as endless nonstop theft, we are unable to supply you with bad coffee at exorbitant prices.

San Francisco is still a great American city that has its head stuck in the lower digestive canal. It’s so deeply rooted that it won’t acknowledge the real reason for its demise. San Francisco’s companies aren’t fleeing; they’re escaping as quickly as possible. The crime rate is not out of control; it’s completely out of hand. Union Square’s once famous shopping district has lost almost half of its businesses, and more are scheduled to depart. In certain parts of the city, the news is filled with carjackings and smash-and-grabs.

I’ve never lived in San Francisco but I’ve been there four times for extended periods. My better half lived in San Francisco during her college days and for some time after. We both have no desire to go back. We can no longer walk around the city at night.

Starbucks is just as responsible for the decline of the city as were the politicians that they supported. They just sat back and denied the reality. They have now reached the time when “you shall reap what you sew”.

Starbucks was once a semi-status sign for middle-class America. Starbucks is a place where you can get coffee to bring to work or meet up with a friend. Many people still have this habit, despite the fact that their product has deteriorated and Biden’s price increases are inflationary.

Will Starbucks suffer a slow, painful death at the hands of leftists? We can only wish. They are anti-American and liberal in their views.

They brewed their cup of coffee, now let them drink it.