Mike Pence Has Dumbest Thoughts Regarding the Hamas Attack

The carnage from the attack on Israel has gotten worse. At last count, over 1,100 people have been killed in the nascent Israeli-Hamas war, with more than 700 people killed in Israel. The terrorists killed more than 250 in a savage attack on a music festival and kidnapped many people as well.

Israel retaliated by striking over 800 targets within Gaza. More than 400 people were killed in Gaza.

It would seem that it would be easy for Republicans to denounce an attack with one voice. They could condemn Hamas terrorists first, and then discuss how Joe Biden’s policies and actions have brought us to this situation.

Mike Pence’s attack on his Republican opponents was a terrible one. He had said something similar the day before in Iowa but went even further on CNN on Sunday. He was correct in saying that Biden’s disastrous departure from Afghanistan emboldened bad acts. He was correct in saying Biden had “kowtowed” to the Iranian mullahs and that he had chastised Biden for paying “$6 Billion in ransom.” Then his view went off track.

Pence stated: “But I also think this is what happens when leading voices such as Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis signal a retreat from America’s position as leader of the free world,” Pence said, “When I am President of the United States we will lead with American strength.”

I don’t understand what he thought. You would have to try hard to give a more horrifying take. How can any of these people be held responsible for such an atrocity? No one of them has any power to influence the situation. They’ve also all strongly condemned the situation, and none have appeased Iran. Pence is trying to gain some ground in the race but this kind of rhetoric doesn’t help him at all. It’s one thing if he is talking about Ukraine, but it’s another if he wants to put America first and doesn’t want to spend American money without any accounting.

When he makes a comment like this, he undermines even the Abraham Accords which former President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence were part of. It’s hard to believe that Pence is really trying to hurt Trump, but Trump was always adamant about his opposition to Iran and terrorists. He was a strong supporter of Israel. Hamas did not do this during the previous president’s tenure because they knew that they would face serious consequences.

Pence has given the Democrats a false argument, which they can now use in an advertisement. This is an incredibly bad move.

Pence posted the video on his own account. This shows how off he is. People on X blasted him for his “shameful” take. I think that he has further damaged any chance he may have had to win the GOP primary.