Hamas Leader Threatens to Execute Hostages on Camera in Brutal Retaliation

Hamas leaders are threatening to kill all hostages and to release video footage of the executions. This comes as Israel Defense Forces prepare to retaliate against the Hamas terrorists who launched a surprise attack that has claimed the lives of over 900 people.

Hamas spokesperson Abu Obeida released an audio recording containing the threat.

“From now on, any unwarned targeting of innocent civilians will be met – regretfully, I must say – by the execution of hostages held in our custody. We will also be forced to broadcast that execution,” stated Obeida.

Hamas’s threat states that it will do this if IDF targets innocent civilians. However, Hamas bases its military in places where there are many civilians and therefore attracts the most sympathy. These include hospitals and schools. It is therefore impossible to fight Hamas and not kill civilians.

Hamas’s tactics are a part of this.

In 2014, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told al-Aqsa TV the Palestinians consider this honor.

“This is a testament to our noble jihad-loving nation, who protect their rights and homes with their blood and bare chests,” said Zuhri.

Hamas calls on its people to adopt the policy of confronting Israeli warplanes bare-chested in order to protect their homes. This policy has been effective in fighting the occupation.

It is unclear at this time how many Hamas hostages there are and if those taken are still alive on Hamas land. But sadly, it may be that their fate was sealed from the start. Hamas was aware that Israel would respond and most likely not stop at hostages. Hamas could use these deaths to undermine Israelis’ reputation on the international stage. Obeida’s use of the word “forced” is a good example of the narrative that has already been set up. It makes it appear as if Hamas was forced to act in order to stop an attack they believe to be unjustified.

Hamas, as the Gatestone Institute has pointed out, inflates Israel’s death toll by including domestic violence and people who are accused of being Israeli agents.

Whether the IDF plans to rescue these hostages is not known at this time. IDF has been sieging the Gaza Strip as of this writing. Hamas may use any hostages it can to delay the IDF, but Hamas is unlikely to do so.

The ultimate goal of the IDF is to destroy Hamas, as it has stated.

Richard Hecht, the IDF spokesperson, said that in the next few hours and days, the IDF’s priority was to “control and eliminate all terrorists on our territory”.