Shocking Video Emerges: Man Caught Urinating Into Beer Ingredients, Sparks Urgent Investigation

The Chinese brewery and the authorities have been prompted to investigate the video of someone emptying his bladder into ingredients that are used to create Tsingtao Beer.

Tsingtao Brewery informed investors and consumers of the investigation on Monday. The announcement was made shortly after a video showing a man wearing a hard hat urinating in a large open vat at one of the brewery’s Pingdu sites gained huge attention on Weibo late last week.

CNBC reported that the company placed a high value on media reports, and had reported the matter at the earliest opportunity to the public security authorities. The public security authorities are currently involved in the investigation.

Some reports suggest that the individual didn’t work directly for Tsingtao.

Business Insider reports that the company said “the batch of malt” into which he appeared to have emptied his urine “has been completely sealed.” The company also “continues management efforts to ensure a quality product,” Business Insider reported.

Tsingtao describes itself as the sixth-largest global beer maker. It produces a variety of beverages, including a classic, a dark lager, an IPA, and a stout. According to the website, it sells its products in more than 100 countries, including China, where they are based.

On Monday afternoon, the market capitalization was approximately $12.65 billion.

According to the brewery, Tsingtao was created by German and British traders in the early 1900s.