Severed Penis Discovered in Gas Station Parking Lot

Reports say that a man’s penis was found at an Alabama gas station earlier this week.

Lagniappe is a weekly newspaper that covers the news in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama. Police received a Monday morning call about “a human penis” discovered at Midtown Mobile (a mobile gas station), according to Lagniappe.

Lagniappe’s second report, even more, shocking than the initial one, stated that “As of Monday, January 30, at 4 p.m., the Mobile Police Department stated that the incident isn’t being investigated as an attack or murder.”

However, According to the Daily Caller, police offered a reasonable explanation as to why they don’t suspect foul play in this case. According to a police report, Christopher Means, 29, was riding his motorcycle “Southbound” on I-65 when he tried to merge onto I-10. Means was unfortunately thrown into traffic after he lost control of his bike while riding on the ramp to I-10.

The victim was struck by “multiple vehicles”, but he was declared dead on the scene. Only one driver remained to discuss the circumstances with the police. Investigators continue to search for other drivers involved.

The penis at the gas station is believed to be Mr. Means. However, it remains to be determined how the penis got there. The gas station seems to be quite far from the I-65/I-10 interchange. Mobile PD declined to provide more information about the incident, including whether the accident caused the organ to be attached to a nearby car which then dropped it at the station. This was due to respect for the family members and the delicate nature of the young man’s death.