Top Biden Official Unable To Spin Her Way Out Of Contradiction Exposed By CNN Host On Classified Docs Scandal

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell met with a top Biden official Tuesday to discuss the shocking lack of transparency by the Biden administration regarding President Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal.

CBS News reported Tuesday that the FBI searched Biden’s Washington private office following the discovery by his personal attorney on Nov. 2. It is not clear why Biden, his attorneys and the White House refused to reveal the search.

What was the story on CNN?

Blackwell was adamant that Kate Bedingfield, White House communications director, claimed that the White House is transparent from the beginning.

He said, “You claim transparency, but I am bringing it to you, you’re not bringing it to mine.” “This took place in mid-November. “This happened in mid-November. If you’re truly transparent, then why is there so much disclosure about these classified documents?”

Bedingfield ignored the question completely. Instead, she stressed Biden’s cooperation in the Justice Department.

How about the search?

CBS News reports that the FBI searched Biden’s private office in mid-November, shortly after the Nov. 2 initial discovery.

It is not known what the FBI discovered — if any agents found additional classified materials — and when the FBI searched for the documents, whether the search was conducted before or after the Nov. 8, midterm elections.

It is strange that the search was not disclosed. The search of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware private residence by the Justice Department last month was made public the following day. Biden’s personal lawyer announced Wednesday that the FBI was also searching Biden’s vacation home at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware on the same day as the search.

There has been widespread speculation about non-negligent malfeasance due to the refusal to reveal basic timeline facts.