Bill O’Reilly’s Power Hand Gestures and the Right’s Copycat Problem

Because the corporate YouTube algorithm promotes Fox News videos and autoplay runs them, I caught a random clip of Fox starlet Jesse Watters, whom I usually try my best to avoid, and I noticed something about his hand gestures that made me nostalgic:

I grew up watching Bill O’Reilly groom Watters through high school. I remember that the fallen Fox King made the exact same power-palm gesture as Bill O’Reilly to demonstrate his dominance.

Ron DeSantis clearly took Trump’s signature hand gesture, in which he waved his hands simultaneously in concert. It was also taken by Trump:

It shouldn’t be possible for these people to have their own style.

He threw his weight around and let loose his Irish temper (language warning). He was a shrewd, feisty man and had an Irish temper.

Watters is dull and stoic and far from his patron O’Reilly would still remain the king of corporate media, even if he had not been sexually harassed or sued for his loofah comments