Seven Kids, One as Young as 10, Hunt, Kill Elderly Philly Man, Locals Can’t Understand

Philadelphia police described seven children as being in their early to mid-teens and stalked and murdered James Lambert, 73, using a traffic cone for a weapon.

This brutal thrill-kill was conveniently captured by friends of the attackers. It shows Lambert being attacked and surrounded by gang members as he attempts to flee. Lambert is repeatedly hit by a young girl with a traffic cone. The video also shows that the children were laughing while beating Lambert. He succumbed to his injuries the following day.


The usual questions that neighbors ask are why the crime occurred, but they ignore the important questions: Why did these children get up at 3 am, and, more importantly, who taught them how to kill?

Even though the libs claim otherwise, midnight basketball courts will not stop this type of carnage. It happens far more often than mainstream media would like to admit.

Philadelphia cops have released two brothers who were involved in the fiendish attack. One brother was only 10, while the other was 14. Due to their ages, authorities have not released their identities. Police offered $20,000 in reward for the conviction and arrest of the mob.

Tania Stephens is Lambert’s niece. Fox 29 Philadelphia spoke to her, saying that she didn’t get it. It’s been that way for 60 to 70 years of his adult life. To see his life end in that manner is unbelievable.”

It is unbelievable! Like many other big blue cities, Philly is undergoing a vicious crime wave. The far-left commie district lawyer refuses to prosecute criminals in Philly, just like New York City and Los Angeles.

What message does the unpunished quickly learn? Why not get away with it?

Stephens said, “I donโ€™t understand how children this age can be out at 2 am in the morning committing crimes,” Stephens added. “Where were their parents?” These cones are very heavy so it is difficult to lift them up and throw them at senior citizens with such force. Then, laugh about it later.

She’s now asking people some questions: Why are inner-city children so violent?

You can watch the video from a story we covered yesterday where young children dressed in underwear curse at some police officers.